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Isabella and Harley — November 16, 2022

Isabella and Harley

~ Isabella and Harley ~

Over a year ago, Harley found his forever home with Isabella. In the time since then, they have become best friends and continue to better each other’s lives every day. 

In 2021, Isabella and her partner came across a sweet yet shy little black and white pup on the website of the Auckland Puppy Rescue. Immediately, they fell in love with the little puppy and decided to organise a visit at a local train station. The pup, named Harley, walked up to them with his foster family. As soon as they met, there was no doubt in Isabella’s mind that Harley was perfect. 

Throughout the 2021 lockdown in New Zealand due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Harley helped his humans hugely. Each day, he brought them joy, they were encouraged to go outside for walks, and he made that very stressful time a bit brighter. 

Since adopting Harley, he has brought endless laughter and unconditional love to his family. Every morning, he acts as Isabella’s alarm clock to wake her up to give him breakfast. He shows Isabella to appreciate the smaller things in life, explore new beaches and parks, meet friends through the doggo community and so much more. As well as this, Harley attends doggy daycare twice a week, where he is always excited to see his trainer.

The bond that Isabella and Harley share is truly special. Since day one, they have helped each other hugely and continue to bring joy, love and laughter into every day. 

Hattie and Harley — February 15, 2022

Hattie and Harley

In 2020, Hattie met Harley, a beautiful dark brown gelding pony. Since then, they have formed such a strong bond and have helped each other immensely. 

Just over a year ago, Hattie met Harley while at a friend’s house. She instantly fell in love with him and decided to adopt him. Unlike her previous horse, however, Harley was a young green, or a horse with little to no training. It has been a bit of an adjustment, but it helped Hattie grow a lot as a rider and trainer. 

Having Harley has had a huge impact on Hattie. Working with him has taught her patience, courage, and how to work as a team. She also learned how to be more confident in herself and her skills when training Harley. Since then, he has gone from a pony with hardly any training to one who loves to jump and go for rides with Hattie. 

When not riding together, Harley loves cuddles. Whenever he and Hattie are spending time together, cuddles are his favourite thing. This has also helped Hattie as, if she’s having a difficult day, spending this time with Harley instantly lifts her mood. 

Harley has been life-changing for Hattie. He has helped her in so many ways, from teaching her how to be a better handler, to just bringing happiness into each day. No matter what, they know they always have each other through thick and thin. 

Pickle’s Pawtraits — December 23, 2021

Pickle’s Pawtraits

~ Pickle’s Pawtraits ~

Just over a year ago, Abbey and Harley adopted Dachshund pup, Pickle. Since then, they have become a small family and have created a community full of animal lovers. 

Abbey and Harley had always loved animals, and when they heard of a litter of Dachshund puppies, they instantly jumped at the chance to adopt. When they met with them, a bubbly pup excitedly greeted them. Abbey and Harley knew from that moment this was the perfect furry friend. They adopted her and named her Pickle. 

Not long after having Pickle, Abbey and Harley created an Instagram account. They soon discovered how supportive and encouraging the animal community was and so decided to become more involved within it. That’s when they had the idea to start Pickle’s Pawtraits

Having Pickle has brought Abbey and Harley so much joy. They created a pawtrait of Pickle and their cat, Puss, and it brought smiles to their faces and their friends. So, they began creating pawtraits of other pet parents’ fur babies. Not only do they make digital pawtraits, but also mugs, stickers, and have their sights set on a few other products!

One of Abbey and Harley’s favourite things is getting to interact with so many pet parents from across the world. They love their work and it means a lot that they’re able to share their passion for animals with so many. Not only this, but hearing how much happiness each pawtrait brings also means the world to both Abbey and Harley. 

In 2021, Abbey and Harley were featured on The Project, a New Zealand news program. They shared their story about how Pickle’s Pawtraits began and what they hope for the future of their business. This was a big highlight for Abbey and Harley in their Pickle’s Pawtraits journey. Being able to share what they do has helped them reach more people. 

Since starting Pickle’s Pawtraits, Abbey and Harley donate $5 from each pawtrait to different animal charities across NZ. Each month they choose a new charity, and at the end of that month, they donate the proceeds. They have helped many different charities, including Nine Lives Orphanage, Chained Dogs Rehabilitation and Rehoming NZ, NZ Chihuahua Rescue, and, most recently, Boxers and Bullies NZ. Not only does this greatly help each charity, but it also spreads awareness around the work they do for animals in NZ. 

The impact that Pickle has had on Abbey and Harley has been huge. She has brought so much happiness and love into their lives. The love Abbey and Harley have for animals is evident in what they do with Pickle’s Pawtraits and for the animal community in New Zealand.