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Sarah and Sophie — November 11, 2022

Sarah and Sophie

~ Sarah and Sophie ~

Two years ago, Sarah welcomed hedgehog, Sophie, into her life. Since then, they have grown inseparable and share a very special bond. 

In 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Sarah felt very alone during the lockdown. Wanting a friend to keep her company, she contacted a hedgehog breeder in Ontario, Canada. In April of that year, Sarah was told there was a new litter of African Pygmy Hedgehogs and she instantly fell in love. After a long 8-week wait, she was finally able to bring her new friend, Sophie, home!

Throughout the pandemic, having Sophie helped her human hugely. It was a time of high anxiety and uncertainty. She helped Sarah to get through it. Each day, seeing Sophie’s sweet little face and being able to spend time with her meant so much and helped her to feel less alone.

Having Sophie had changed Sarah’s life. She has learnt so much about hedgehogs and knows that no matter what, her spiky little friend is right there for her. If Sarah is having a tough day, Sophie can always cheer her up and bring a smile to her face. Not only has Sophie impacted her human, but also everyone they meet. She has brought countless smiles to many people, both in person and online. 

Something that Sarah and Sophie enjoy doing is simply relaxing and spending time together. Sophie often curls up in her fluffy snuggle sack and rests on her human’s chest and, if she’s lucky, they watch her favourite movie, Sonic the Hedgehog. However, any time they get to spend with each other is always treasured. 

The bond that Sarah and Sophie share is truly special. No matter what, they know that they have one another and every day is made better because of it. 

Katie, François and Harrison — June 17, 2022

Katie, François and Harrison

~ Katie, François and Harrison ~

About a year ago, Katie and François met Harrison the hedgehog. In the time since then, they have formed a very special bond and have become a family. 

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Katie had just started her work on her PhD in Rehab Science. It was a very stressful time for her as there was so much uncertainty. Wanting to cheer her up, François began searching for a pet hedgehog as Katie had always wanted one. After a while, he found the perfect one and he and Katie arranged a visit. As soon as they met, there was no doubt he had found his home and a new name, Harrison. 

Since day one, Harrison has brought so much joy into François and Katie’s lives, He makes them smile each day, shows unconditional love and so much more. Not only this, but since starting Harrison’s Instagram page, he has been able to share the happiness with people all over the world. 

In 2022, Katie and François got married and Harrison was their ‘Hoglet of Honour.’ He was the ring bearer, had his own signature cocktail and even had his portrait on all the napkins! The day would truly have not been the same without him. Having him there brought more joy to Katie and François’s big day – and some very memorable photos. 

As hedgehogs are nocturnal, Katie and François don’t see much of Harrison during the day. However, when they get home from work, they love seeing him as he wakes up, ready to start his nighttime adventures. Even after a long day, Harrison can always cheer them up. When he wakes up, he’s always ready to play and have cuddles. Not only this, but his favourite thing is to curl up in Katie or François’s hoodies!

No matter what, Harrison never fails to brighten Katie and François’s day. They have formed such a special bond and share so much love for each other.

Anu, Hippu and their Hedgehogs — November 26, 2021

Anu, Hippu and their Hedgehogs

~ Anu, Hippu and their Hedgehogs ~

Ten years ago, Anu and her family welcome Tibetan Spaniel, Hippu, into their home. Since then, they have all formed such a special bond and have helped many animals. 

Anu has always loved animals. When her sister adopted Hippu, she was thrilled. While she wasn’t her dog, Hippu has always loved sitting with Anu. Plus, she knows Anu always has a treat or two for her! 

In September of 2020, Anu had heard that there weren’t enough hedgehog carers in her area. Because of this, Anu contacted someone who was a carer and offered to help. Following this, Anu was given her first hedgehog, Taisto Uljas. Taisto was an orphan and he needed a lot of care. However, Anu was up for the job and helped him to grow into a happy and healthy hedgie. 

After caring for Taisto, Anu rescued a second hedgehog, Mauri. He had lungworm and infections. Sadly, Mauri soon passed away. This devastated Anu, however, she’s relieved that he didn’t die alone, hungry or cold. 

It can be difficult for Anu looking after these hedgehogs, especially if they are unwell. However, it’s immensely rewarding and she feels happy knowing she’s making a difference to the animals around her. 

Soon, Anu welcomed rescued heghie Arhippa into her care. Arhippa did prove to be a bit of a handful! One night, he managed to escape his crib. After some searching, he was found in the closet! He was unhappy to have been caught and pooped in his water bowl to show his displeasure. 

Another hedgehog who found herself in Anu’s care was Akuliina. She needed medicine baths as she had an infection in her little foot. Anu would have to give her a poop boot bath – a bath to clean the poop from her feet – then a medicine bath. Akuliina didn’t enjoy these, but thanks to the care and love she was given, she recovered and is living her best life. 

Because of the care that Anu and other hedgehog carers in her area give, they’ve formed their own wildlife support association. They help hedgehogs and others in their neighbourhood and enjoy helping one another with any animal problems that may arise. 

It is evident the immense impact that Anu has had on the hedgehogs that have found their way into her care. Anu has such a big heart and cares for many animals, from Hippu to all the hedgies.