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Ian, Neil, Bert and Ernie — August 12, 2022

Ian, Neil, Bert and Ernie

~ Ian, Neil, Bert and Ernie ~

Eight and a half years ago, Ian and Neil adopted Labradoodles, Bert and Ernie. Since then, they have become a family and bring joy into each day they’re together. 

While living in the UK, Ian and Neil met two Labradoodle puppies who instantly stole their hearts. The blue merle puppy, who is now known as Bert, was very relaxed and friendly. The chocolate-coloured pup, now known as Ernie, has been a rascal since the moment Ian and Neil met him. Without a doubt, they decided to welcome them both into their home. 

Now living in New Zealand, both Ian and Neil have full-on jobs which can be challenging. However, when they get home, any stress from the day is washed away once they’re greeted by two very excited pups! It warms their hearts to see their canine companions so happy. The energy and pure joy that Bert and Ernie share never fail to brighten Ian and Neil’s day. 

For Ian, Neil, Bert and Ernie, there’s truly nothing better than going on long walks. From walking along their local beach or even socialising at the local pub, it’s time that they get to simply enjoy each other’s company. As well as this, at the end of a long day, being able to relax on the couch with their two furbabies means the world to Ian and Neil.

The bond that Ian, Neil, Bert and Ernie share is truly special. They have become a family and enrich one another’s lives every day.

Amelie and Bailey — July 25, 2022

Amelie and Bailey

~ Amelie and Bailey ~

A few years ago, Bailey found his forever home with Amelie. Since then, they have helped each other through so much and have formed a truly special bond. 

For as long as she can remember, Amelie has always wanted a pet. Then, just before Christmas 2017, she and her family met a litter of Labradoodle puppies. Amelie was ecstatic to meet them, but one tiny puppy in particular, named Bailey, stood out to her. In that moment, there was no doubt he was perfect. 

When Amelie first adopted Bailey, she was just about to start going to high school. It meant a lot to her to be able to grow up with her companion and face life together. Every day when she finished school, Bailey would be excitedly waiting in the car with Amelie’s mum. On days that were challenging, he never failed to bring a smile to her face. 

Having Bailey has been life-changing for Amelie. As someone who struggles with mental health issues, some days can be very difficult. During days that are particularly challenging, Bailey is always right there, on Amelie’s bed, ready to cuddle with her. By simply being there, he comforts and supports his human and never fails to brighten her day. 

Both Amelie and Bailey love going on adventures together. From going on family walks through the forest, to playing catch, this time they get to spend with each other means so much. Recently, Amelie has even started teaching Bailey tricks, but there are a lot of things to distract an excitable doggo!

As well as bringing endless joy to Amelie’s life, Bailey has also been a source of inspiration for his human’s business, Little Joys by Amelie. Through her business, Amelie sells a variety of products to share joy and spread awareness around mental health. She has done a number of interviews and, each time, having Bailey has comforted and encouraged her. He also was the inspiration for one of Amelie’s newest product, ‘Happy Puppy Worry Stone.’ 

In the five years that Amelie and Bailey have been together, they have both helped each other immensely. Every day is full of happiness, love and joy because they have one another to help and support them through anything. 

Charlie and Molly — March 8, 2021

Charlie and Molly

~ Charlie and Molly ~

In the short amount of time since being together, Charlie and her labradoodle, Molly, have become the best of friends.  

Molly was welcomed into the family on Charlie’s birthday.  The two of them had an instant bond and Charlie recalls Molly being the cutest puppy she had ever seen.  From then, their friendship only grew.  

Having Molly in her life has helped Charlie through some tough times.  If she’s struggling, Charlie knows that Molly will be right there.  Whether to listen without judgement or to offer comfort in the form of a fluffy hug!  Charlie feels safe around Molly.  She can confide in Molly, knowing she won’t judge her or be disappointed in her.  This is something that has helped Charlie immensely.  

Even though Molly isn’t quite a year old yet, she and Charlie share an incredible bond.  They enjoy simply spending time together.  From just enjoying each other’s company to long walks along beaches and rivers.  As well as this, they love going on adventures and trying new things, from new treats to new tricks!

The bond between Charlie and Molly is evident.  In the year they’ve been together, they have flourished as friends.  Charlie can’t imagine what her life would be like without her canine companion.  Molly means the world to Charlie and Charlie means the world to Molly.