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Madeleine and Emma — July 4, 2022

Madeleine and Emma

~ Madeleine and Emma ~

Not long ago, Emma found her forever home. As soon as she and Madeleine met, they both knew they were meant to be with each other. 

One day, Madeleine saw a dog on the SPCA website who was looking for a home. When she arrived at the shelter and explained what kind of dog she was looking for, the person she was talking to had a thought. A dog who had just come in, and wasn’t even up on the website yet, was looking for a home. The moment they met, the pup, named Emma, ran up to Madeleine, begging for cuddles, tummy rubs and love. Immediately, she knew this was her dog. 

While adopting Emma, Madeleine was told of her challenging past. She was found as a puppy in a box and taken into the local SPCA’s care. From there, she travelled to another branch where she was placed into a family twice before she was welcomed into her forever home. Knowing all this, Madeleine vowed she would help Emma flourish, despite her past traumas. 

From the shelter, Madeleine took Emma to her friend’s animal sanctuary. There, they both learned so much. Madeleine’s friend had nine dogs, of all different ages and sizes, who helped guide Emma to become the dog Madeleine knew she could be. Slowly but surely, Emma came out of her shell and became more comfortable in new situations and around new people and dogs. Not only this, but she was afraid of water, however, little by little, Madeleine encouraged Emma to be in the water and now, she loves swimming!

Having Emma has been life-changing for Madeleine. She has brought happiness in times of darkness and continues to make her human smile and laugh every day. Because of Emma, Madeleine wakes up each day with a purpose and to focus on the positives. She also works hard to educate others on the realities of dogs like Emma. That they are loving and gentle dogs, not aggressive as they have been made out to be.

Something that Madeleine and Emma enjoy doing is simply spending time together. Whether playing at the local park, sharing peanut butter toast or running along the beach, anytime they spend together is very special. Most of all, they love cuddles on a lazy Saturday morning, a belly rub after a long day, and just treasure each other’s company. 

The impact that Emma has had on Madeleine and vice versa is truly special. Madeleine may have rescued Emma from the SPCA, but Emma rescued Madeleine, too. They have brought so much love and happiness into each other’s lives and will continue to help one another be the very best they can be. 

Darline and Madeleine — March 25, 2022

Darline and Madeleine

~ Darline and Madeleine ~

Just under four years ago, Darline adopted Scottish Fold Blue Point kitten, Madeleine. Since then, they have formed a very loving bond and have been with each other through thick and thin. 

In 2018, Darline was looking to adopt a furry friend. She decided to visit the Cattery Breughelhof in Antwerp, Belgium. While there, she met a tiny white kitten. Instantly, Darline knew it was meant to be and adopted her that day. Once they were home, Darline decided to name the kitten Madeleine, in honour of her late grandmother.

Having Madeleine has had a big impact on Darline. She has brought so much happiness and love into her life. On days that might be a bit difficult for her human, Madeleine is right there by her side to help her through it. No matter what, she always seems to be able to brighten the days of those around her with her fluffy self and mischievous antics. 

One of Darline and Madeleine’s favourite things to do is go for walkies. Madeleine has her own fashionable leash and loves to go to the park and just be in the sunshine. Darline enjoys this as she gets to go on new adventures with her feline friend and simply spend time together in nature. 

The impact that Darline and Madeleine have had on one another has been huge. Madeleine means the world to Darline and has brought so much joy since becoming a part of her life.