Pawsitive Tales

Sharing heartwarming tales of animals and their humans.

Mary and Daisy — July 27, 2022

Mary and Daisy

~ Mary and Daisy ~

Seven years ago, Mary welcomed British Shorthair kitten, Daisy, into her life. Since then, they have changed each other’s lives for the better. 

In 2015, Mary’s cat, Patch, had three kittens. She was unable to keep them all and so, when they were 8 weeks old, two of them found their forever homes. However, Mary wanted to keep one of the kittens who looked a lot like Patch. 

Sadly, in 2019, Mary lost Patch. She was devastated and heartbroken. Having Daisy, Patch’s daughter, meant so much. During this time, she comforted Mary and provided her with unconditional love and lots of cuddles. It was difficult for the both of them, but together, they got through it. 

Not only has Daisy helped Mary, but she has also been supported through her anxieties. Daisy has always been a very anxious and shy cat. Mary helps her by simply being supportive and allowing her to go at her own pace. 

Something that Mary and Daisy enjoy is playing together. Daisy has quite the collection of toys and both she and her human always set aside time each day to play. When they feel more like relaxing, they love spending time outside in the garden together. Any time they get to spend with each other always brings them joy. 

The bond that Mary and Daisy share is so special. They have helped each other through thick and thin and know that, no matter what happens, they have one another. 

Mary and Zoe — July 15, 2022

Mary and Zoe

~ Mary and Zoe ~

A few years ago, Mary and Zoe met. Since then, they have greatly impacted each other’s lives and continue to fill each day with love and happiness. 

In 2019, Mary had been looking for a cat. Sadly, her cat had passed away, which left her devastated. She wanted to welcome another feline friend into her life. So, Mary went to a vet clinic to meet with some of the cats looking for homes. While there, a small black kitten walked right up to her and demanded to be held. At that moment, Mary knew she and this kitten, Zoe, were meant to be. 

For a while, Mary had been living on her own. Once she adopted Zoe, she felt less alone and they became the best of friends. Shortly after bringing Zoe home, she and Mary moved to a dairy farm. This proved to be great as it allowed Zoe to have more space to enjoy and to help out around the farm in the form of being a mouser. 

Whenever Mary is doing work on the farm, Zoe is always happy to keep her company. Whether doing chores, gardening or other jobs, Zoe is right there. When not working, she enjoys exploring the farm more and loves going for walks with Mary. Time they get to spend together never fails to make their days!

The bond that Mary and Zoe have formed is so special. They help one another and share so much love and happiness. 

Kim, Mary and Kadan — May 27, 2022

Kim, Mary and Kadan

~ Kim, Mary and Kadan ~

Almost two years ago, Kadan found her forever home with Kim and Mary. Following a difficult period, Kadan helped them immensely and has since formed a very special bond with them both.

Sadly, in June of 2020, Kim and Mary lost their heart dog, Skater, to cancer. They were devastated. Skater had been with them through thick and thin. Seeing her fight such a terrible disease was heartbreaking.

Six months later, Kim was shown a photo of a lovely Rottweiler puppy, Kadan. She didn’t think she could have a new dog in her life so soon after losing Skater. However, she saw something special in Kadan and knew she needed a caring and loving forever home. 

Not much was known about Kadan’s past, other than she had been fostered since she was four weeks old. Whatever happened, it was apparent to Kim that this pup hadn’t had an easy start in life. She was fearful and had stomach issues. Because of this, Kim and Mary promised to show Kadan the love she had missed out on and to protect her from being lost ever again. 

Kim and Mary tried to find a way to best help Kadan’s stomach issues. As someone who struggles with food allergies and intolerances herself, Kim wanted to do all she could to ensure Kadan got all the nutrients she needed to grow into a healthy dog. 

At home, Kadan had a lot of confidence, however, when out and about, she would become very scared. Kim worked tirelessly to help Kadan learn to trust and become more confident. This included walking her in a stroller, socialising her, and getting her used to different sounds from their neighbourhood and other noises from playlists, such as thunder and fireworks. As well as this, Kim enrolled Kadan in puppy school Gradually, after making some furry friends, she flourished and became more comfortable with the world around her.

Together, Kim, Mary and Kadan take it one day at a time. Some days are easier than others, but seeing Kadan continue to grow and flourish inspires them. With her canine companion, Kim has been taught to live in the now and to feel fear but face it anyway. Kadan just brings so much love and joy into her humans’ life and has been by their side through so much. 

Something that Kim, Mary and Kadan love to do is go to the park together. Kadan’s favourite thing to do there is zoomies! Kim will call her from a distance and Kadan will tilt her head, pause, and run like crazy. This never fails to make Kim and Mary laugh and smile as they see Kadan having the time of her life.

The happiness and love that Kadan has brought to Kim and Mary has been immeasurable, especially after such a tragic loss. They care for each other immensely and have brought positivity into one another’s lives. 

Jasmine, Mary and Loki — June 7, 2021

Jasmine, Mary and Loki

~ Jasmine, Mary and Loki ~

Two years ago, Loki was welcomed into the lives of Jasmine and Mary.  Since then, the three of them have become a very loving family.  

A few years ago, after Jasmine and Mary were married, they decided to move to Los Angeles from New Zealand.  Although this was something they wanted to do, they felt lonely being so far away from their families.  Wanting to add to their lives, and after finding an appropriate animal-friendly place, they decided to adopt a puppy.  

Soon, they did a search on Pet Finder.  Listed on the website was a litter of rescued puppies, all named after The Avengers.  They had been abandoned in Bakersfield, CA.  When Jasmine and Mary arrived, they met the last of four puppies.  A black and tan coloured one by the name of Iron Man.  It was love at first sight for the three of them and he found his forever home, although with a new name – Loki.  They discovered how appropriate his name was as he is quite a mischievous puppy!  

Since having Loki in their lives, Jasmine and Mary have newfound happiness.  Unfortunately, they had been struggling with their mental health.  Having Loki helped them both immensely.  He could always bring a smile to their faces, offered a distraction, and encouraged them to get out and about for his daily walks in L.A.  

No matter what may be happening in their lives, Loki always knows just how to make someone smile.  He’s definitely a mischievous puppy but also loves a nice snuggle.  Not only this but Loki has taught both Jasmine and Mary to be present in the moment.  He is always enjoying the present and has encouraged his mums to do the same.  Something that he also helps Jasmine with is her morning meditation routine.  When she is doing this, he will happily climb onto her lap and reminds her to just be.  

When out and about, Jasmine, Mary and Loki all enjoy simply exploring their L.A. community, especially the beaches.  They also love visiting dog-friendly hotels around California.  It’s always exciting for them to visit new places and to just be in each other’s company. 

Between the three of them, there is so much love.  It is evident how much Loki cares for his mums and how much they care for him.  He provides them with someone to focus their attention on as well as a reason to get up each morning.  It is truly obvious how much they love one another.