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Wenny and Sadie — January 30, 2023

Wenny and Sadie

~ Wenny and Sadie ~

About four years ago, Sadie found her forever home with Wenny. Since then, they have been on many adventures together and have changed each other’s lives hugely. 

In December 2019, while looking at the Chained Dogs Rehabilitation and Rehoming NZ website, Wenny came across a sweet tripawd pup named Sadie looking for her forever home. Instantly, he fell in love with her face and decided to arrange a visit. Once there, he had no doubts in his mind that this pup was perfect and adopted her then and there, welcoming her into his home including two cats and fifteen canaries!

In 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand, having Sadie impacted Wenny hugely. While the country went into isolation, having a canine companion helped him get through that period. Each day, they went for walks together, play fetch, and just spend this with one another.

With Sadie in his life, Wenny has been able to participate in new opportunities and be more active. When going out for walks, many people go up to them to ask about Sadie and her story. This has allowed Wenny to meet many new people and to enjoy new experiences that he wouldn’t have without his canine companion. Every time they go out, he has become more aware of areas that are dog-friendly where Sadie can accompany him to. 

At the end of each day, Wenny and Sadie love to play fetch. Whenever he returns home from work, Sadie knows it’s time to play. She would happily spend hours chasing after a ball and bringing it back to her human. Afterwards, they enjoy being able to curl up together and enjoy each other’s company. 

Being able to give Sadie the life she deserves, after having such a challenging upbringing, means so much to Wenny. They have both changed each other’s lives hugely and bring so much love and joy into every day. 

Tiara and Mello — January 23, 2023

Tiara and Mello

~ Tiara and Mello ~

Two years ago, Tiara met Staffy x, Mello. Since then, they have become the best of friends and have impacted each other’s lives hugely. 

In 2020, Tiara met a very small puppy. She was malnourished and had been taken away from her mother far too soon as she wasn’t receiving the care she needed. Despite her tough start to life, the pup was very calm and quiet, leading to her being named Mello. However, soon after settling into her new home and having a full tummy, she showed her true colours as a perky and active dog!

Soon after adopting Mello, Tiara went through a difficult break-up. It was a dark time for her, but her furry friend never left her side. Mello became her human’s reason to get out of bed each morning, provided her with a routine, and, most importantly, showed her unconditional love. Now, whenever Tiara has a tough day, Mello just knows and will lick her hand and lay her head on her human’s lap. 

Not only has Mello impacted her human, but also Tiara’s mother. Having disliked dogs for a long time, when Tiara adopted Mello, her mother was slowly won over by Mello’s puppy dog eyes! She knows that her grandma often sneaks a bit of food under the table at dinner time, and ensures to always sit right by her chair. 

Both Tiara and Mello enjoy going on adventures. From walking through the bush, going on hikes to even sunbathing together at the family bach, this time they get to spend together is never wasted. Simply being in each other’s company means the world to them.

The bond that Tiara and Mello share is truly beautiful. They have helped each other through many challenges, but have also made the good times even better. Each day is made better simply because they have each other. 

Claudia, Michael, Ash and Willow — January 20, 2023

Claudia, Michael, Ash and Willow

~ Claudia, Michael, Ash and Willow ~

In early 2022, Claudia and Michael welcomed Ash and Willow into their home. Since then, they have become a family and bring love and joy into every day. 

Having always been an animal lover, Claudia had always wanted to adopt a furbaby of her own. When she and Michael moved into their new home together, they thought it would be the perfect time to adopt two cats. As they both work long hours, they felt it best to have two cats who could keep each other company. They spent some time searching for two cats who would suit their lifestyle. 

One day, while looking online, Claudia and Michael came across two domestic shorthair kittens and instantly fell in love. They arranged a visit and as soon as they arrived, the two kittens, named Ash and Willow, jumped onto their laps. The kittens were inquisitive and talkative and it wasn’t long before they were on their way to their forever home.

Since adopting Ash and Willow, Claudia and Michael’s house has become a home. Each day, both cats bring so much love and happiness to their humans’ lives. Whenever Claudia returns home from work, she’s always greeted by her feline friends. She loves being able to spend time with them and give them the best life possible. As well as this, Ash and Willow are as good as Claudia’s alarm clock! Every morning, as they eagerly await their food, Ash will walk across her face and make biscuits on her neck, while Willow wraps herself around Claudia’s legs as she gets out of bed. 

Something that Ash and Willow enjoy is going outside and exploring. Willow is the more adventurous of the siblings. She loves climbing up trees and going on adventures and when she returns, she’s very talkative and lets her humans know all about what she did. Ash is somewhat less adventurous but still likes to spend time with Claudia and Michael when they’re outside or doing some gardening. 

The impact that Ash and Willow have had on Claudia and Michael has been immeasurable. They’ve become a family and have truly changed each other’s lives for the better by sharing so much love and happiness. 

Robyn, Andy and Ollie — January 16, 2023

Robyn, Andy and Ollie

~ Robyn, Andy and Ollie ~

Almost three years ago, Robyn and Andy welcomed beautiful cockatiel, Ollie, into their home. Since then, Ollie has changed their lives and continues to bring love and joy into every day. 

Both Robyn and Andy have a big passion for animals and animal welfare. Wanting to help birds in their community, they decided to start a small bird rescue and rehoming service. One day, a baby cockatiel came to them in very bad shape. He had been injured by some adult male cockatiels and was in need of emergency vet care. It was a long journey to recovery, but thankfully, he got through it but still has some ongoing issues. Robyn and Andy had fallen in love with this little bird and decided to adopt him and name him Ollie. 

Since adopting Ollie, Robyn and Andy have been on many adventures together. They have completed the Tongariro Crossing (Ollie being the first domestic bird to do so), kayaking on the Waikato River, bush walks and road walking between nature tours. 

Currently, Robyn, Andy and Ollie are working towards completing the 3000km Te Araroa, meaning ‘the long pathway’ in te reo Māori, trail together over a two-year period. Ollie travels the trail with Robyn in a special pack designed for him. On a sunny day, he is harnessed to Robyn’s shoulder so he can enjoy all the views. When the weather is a bit cooler, he wears lovely, warm vests from Cambridge Crochet Queen, Jill Smith.

While working towards completing the Te Araroa trail, Robyn, Andy and Ollie hope to raise $10,000 for the Te Araroa Trust through Ollie’s own GiveALittle page. This money will go towards maintenance and improvement of the trail. Being able to do this and meet many people through Ollie’s page has meant so much to both his humans. 

As well as going on many adventures, Ollie is also known as a ‘Pet with Purpose’ meaning he accompanies Robyn and Andy to communities, workplaces, groups and more. He helps to gain interest and spread awareness about birds and that having a disability doesn’t make him any less than an able-bodied bird. Not only that, but Ollie is also a regular visitor at rest homes and pre-schools to share with them some joy and positivity. 

Ollie has had a huge impact on many people. He is a great advocate for animals with disabilities and has been able to educate people and spread awareness about birds. People who have previously not liked birds have found that Ollie is a safe way to learn about them. He brings a smile to everyone he meets and for that, Robyn and Andy are so thankful 

The impact that Ollie has had on Robyn and Andy has been immeasurable. He has helped them to explore New Zealand, meet new people and animals, spread awareness and so much more. Above it all, however, the love and happiness they share with each other is evident in everything they do. They have truly changed each other’s lives for the better. 

Gemma, Floki and Kiara — January 13, 2023

Gemma, Floki and Kiara

~ Gemma, Floki and Kiara ~

Six years ago, Gemma welcomed rescue pup, Floki, into her life. Then, not long after, they welcomed Kiara into their family. Since then, they have all formed such a strong bond with one another and continue to enrich each other’s lives. 

For as long as she can remember, Gemma has always loved animals. Wanting to adopt one of her own when she arrived in New Zealand, she instantly visited a shelter in hopes of finding a furry friend. Once there, she met a beautiful tan and white Cattle Dog x – Floki. He reminded Gemma of her family dog back in England and, in that moment, she knew he was perfect. 

Just under six years after adopting Floki, Gemma felt he needed a friend to be at home with. Then, one day, she saw a Staffy x online, named Kiara, who was looking for a forever home. She decided to arrange a visit, with Floki, and as soon as they met, both dogs hit it off and Gemma knew Kiara had found her new home. 

Having Floki and Kiara has been life-changing for Gemma. Floki has brought so much love and joy into his human’s life and has helped her to learn so much about dog training. Kiara has taught her human even more about dog training as her way of learning is different to Floki’s. Both she and Floki have such a great friendship. It means a lot to Gemma to see them so happy together. 

Both dogs have brought so much love and joy into Gemma’s life. At the end of a long day, she knows that, no matter what, she will have two very excited doggos waiting to welcome her back home. As well as this, Floki and Kiara have encouraged Gemma to be more adventurous by exploring new areas for walks and exercise. Having this time with her canine companions means the world to her. 

Not only has Gemma visited more places, but she’s also had the opportunity to meet many people, and dogs, through Floki and Kiara’s social media accounts. Floki is a gentle doggo that, at first, may be a bit shy, but once he gets to know a new person, they soon become a new friend! Kiara loves meeting new people and is always excited to make friends with both humans and dogs alike. 

The bond that Gemma, Floki and Kiara share is truly special. They have changed each other’s lives for the better and continue to bring love and happiness into every single day.

Rose, Hades, Sophie, Freya and Violet — January 11, 2023

Rose, Hades, Sophie, Freya and Violet

~ Rose, Hades, Sophie, Freya and Violet ~

Just over a year ago, Rose welcomed Hades into her life. He was shortly followed by Sophie. Some months later, she adopted Freya and then, lastly, Violet joined their family. Since then, they have all formed a very special bond and have changed each other’s lives hugely. 

For as long as she can remember, Rose has always been passionate about animals. Her mum runs Hooved Haven, a rescue dedicated to helping sheep and goats. Through Hooved Haven, Rose met Hades, an orphaned Suffolk cross lamb. At the time, Rose was struggling with her mental health, however, when she met Hades, she fell instantly in love. He gave her a purpose and really helped her to find hope during her tough days. Whenever she cried, he would walk up to her and put his head in her lap. Suffice it to say, Hades had found his forever home. 

Three weeks later, Rose met Sophie, an East Friesian lamb. A friend of Rose’s told her about the lamb and how she had been orphaned but didn’t have the resources to care for her. So, Rose decided to take Sophie in. It turned out to be a perfect fit as Hades enjoyed having another sheep friend and Sophie enjoyed snuggling up with her new human. 

Coincidentally, Rose adopted Hades and Sophie just before a 4-month Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand. It was a stressful time, however, having her two sheep friends helped her hugely. Every night and every morning, Hades and Sophie would sleep on Rose’s bed, give each day a purpose and encourage Rose to go outside. As well as this, when Rose was taking her defensive driving course, Hades would sit on her lap for the whole two-hour sessions for two weeks which was a big comfort to her. 

Sometime later, Rose’s mum felt that, as lambs were too big to hold and cuddle, adopting a cat might be a good idea for Rose as an emotional support animal. After some looking, they came across Freya, a Ragdoll x Persian kitten. However, since adopting her, and being raised by Hades and Sophie, Freya has become more of a sheep than a cat! She loves following her sheep siblings around the yard and even sleeps in their houses. 

In early 2022, Rose took Hades, Sophie and Freya to the annual Pets in Tartan parade. Everyone loved meeting them and interacting with two sheep, for some, for the first time. Before attending, Rose harness-trained Freya so she could join in on the fun, too. Because of this, she has become the stall mascot whenever they’re at a market. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, in August of 2022, Rose adopted Violet, a Valais Blacknose sheep. At the time, Rose didn’t feel ready to take on another lamb. However, she and her mum were contacted about a two-day-old lamb who was born as a twin and their mother was unable to feed them both. The owner said that, if no one took this lamb in, she would have to be put down. In that moment, Rose decided to adopt the lamb and name her Violet. 

Due to being the youngest and smallest sheep, Violet receives a lot of attention! While Rose has tried, she has not been able to integrate Violet into the herd, so they often go places together. From markets to cafes – including their favourite, Fat Kitty Cafe – they love being able to explore new places together, and everyone they meet immediately falls in love with Violet. Every time they go out, Rose is often told that seeing Violet has brought a smile to their face. Knowing this, and knowing that all the photos she shares brings so much joy, means the world to her. 

Having Hades, Sophie and Violet has helped Rose spread awareness about sheep. She loves being able to educate people about them and what having one is like. To Rose, they, and Freya, are her babies. Being able to give them the opportunity to live their best life is all that matters to her. 

The impact that Hades, Sophie, Freya and Violet have had on Rose has been incredible. They bring so much love into Rose’s life and their community. Each day is made better simply because they have each other.

Katie, George, Charlie and Slade — December 23, 2022

Katie, George, Charlie and Slade

~ Katie, George, Charlie and Slade ~

Several years ago, Katie welcomed George into her home. Since then, Charlie and Slade have joined their family, too. In the time since, they have all formed such a beautiful bond and have hugely impacted each other’s lives. 

In 2019, during a trip to England, Katie and her partner were scrolling through social media at a McDonald’s. After a while, Katie’s partner saw a post about a litter of Jack Russel French Bulldog x puppies – her two favourite types of dog. He showed her the photos and a week later, after returning to New Zealand, they adopted one of the puppies and named him George.

Since then, George has helped Katie so much. When she got him, Katie was struggling with her mental health. Having him helped her through it. Through the positivity he brought into her life and having to care for him, Katie found hope. 

Weeks after adopting George, Katie started a new job. Not wanting to leave George home alone, she decided to adopt a second dog. She and her partner went to the SPCA and met with a sweet little pup. However, a very enthusiastic and snuggly pup, named Charlie pushed his way in. He stole their hearts and in that moment, he knew he had found his forever home. 

One evening, while seeing Katie with George and Charlie, her partner decided to propose. Shortly after, they got married. The two dogs held a very important role during the wedding. They were on their very best behaviour throughout the ceremony, and even barked when the celebrant asked for agreement! That same week, they welcomed Slade into their family.

In his previous relationship, Katie’s partner had a dog. However, when they broke up, he was unable to keep the dog. Luckily, in 2021, Slade and he were reunited and were able to adopt him. 

Every single day has been hugely improved thanks to the doggie trio. Their sweet smiles, their mischievous personalities, no matter what, they spread joy wherever they go. George is more of an old man compared to Charlie, who has endless energy but also knows when someone needs a snuggle. Slade is the most affectionate of the three and loves to be around his humans. 

Katie, her partner and their dogs love going on adventures together, especially at the beach. Whether swimming, playing fetch or just enjoying the scenery, it’s always something that brightens their day.

The impacts that George, Charlie and Slade have all had on Katie has been huge. They have all brought a lot of joy into each other’s lives and fill each day with so much love. From days spent at the beach to relaxing at home, every day is made that much better because they have one another. 

Aleisha and Jerry — December 21, 2022

Aleisha and Jerry

~ Aleisha and Jerry ~

Over a year ago, Aleisha welcomed Golden Retriever pup, Jerry, into her life. Since then, they have become the best of friends and improve each other’s lives hugely. 

Aleisha and her partner, Steve, had been discussing getting a furry friend for quite a while. In 2021, they had heard about a litter of puppies who were looking for homes. Aleisha thought that one pup in particular, named Jerry, was adorable and a perfect fit for their family. Soon, he was on a plane and on his way to his new home. Once he arrived and Aleisha opened the crate, she called his name and he looked up. At that moment, Aleisha knew it was truly meant to be.

Having Jerry has had a huge impact on Aleisha. Each day is full of adventure. Whether exploring a new park or beach or simply going for a walk around the block, they love having this time to just enjoy each other’s company. Growing up, Aleisha was often around dogs, however, Jerry is a lot more independent than other dogs. This makes their time together even more special, when Jerry decides to snuggle with Aleisha or give her a big doggie kiss.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Jerry helped Aleisha immensely. It was a stressful time and, as a midwife, she was afraid of what the pandemic might mean for her job. With Jerry, he brought endless joy, laughter and love to each day and helped her get through this challenging time. Because of him, she would look forward to every day and, even now, Jerry wakes his human up by laying beside her in bed until she gets up. 

The bond that Aleisha and Jerry share is truly special. No matter what happens, they know they have each other and for they, they are very grateful. Every day is made better simply because they have one another. 

Fiona, Merah, Lacey, Sylvie and Coco — December 19, 2022

Fiona, Merah, Lacey, Sylvie and Coco

~ Fiona, Merah, Lacey, Sylvie and Coco ~

A few years ago, Fiona met Merah and Lacey, two adorable kittens. Not long after, Sylvie joined their family, and then lastly, Coco was welcomed to her new forever home. In the time since they have all been together, Fiona and her feline friends have formed such special bonds. 

In 2017, Fiona and her cat, Chloe, welcomed Merah and Lacey into their family. She fell in love with both of their sweet and fluffy little faces. They were snuggly but also quite mischievous and playful. 

Sadly, two years later, Fiona lost Chloe. She was heartbroken and missed her feline friend terribly. Some months later, her husband returned home after work with an adorable Burmese kitten named Sylvie. Sylvie was also quite mischievous and loved snuggling with Fiona. She helped her human through this difficult time and Merah and Lacey were quick to accept her into their family, too. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, Fiona, her husband, Merah, Lacey and Sylvie welcomed a new furry friend, named Coco, into their home in 2019. Coco is the cuddliest of all Fiona’s feline family members and will often follow her humans around, trotting behind them wherever they go. 

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Fiona was working and studying from home. Knowing that she had several furry friends to keep her company helped to make this time less stressful. Coco has often sat on the printer as she keeps watch on her human to ensure she’s doing what she should be. 

Having Merah, Lacey, Sylvie and Coco has had a huge impact on Fiona. Every day is made better simply because they have each other. They always make her laugh with their antics and at least one of them is always keen for a pat or a cuddle. 

The impact that Merah, Lacey, Sylvie and Coco have had on Fiona has been incredible. From helping her with the loss of Chloe, supporting her through the pandemic and simply bringing love and joy into every day, they have changed each other’s lives for the better. 

Laura, Scott, Kali and Otti — December 14, 2022

Laura, Scott, Kali and Otti

~ Laura, Scott, Kali and Otti ~

Over a year ago, Laura and Scott adopted Kali and Otti, two Kune Kune pig siblings. Since then, they have become a family and bring joy and love into each other’s lives. 

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Laura and Scott felt they needed something – or someone – to keep them company, and occupied. One summer day, between lockdowns, one decided to drag the other to a farm to meet with some pigs. While there, they met Kali and fell in love with her. From their very first meeting, both Laura and Scott knew she was perfect. 

Then, a few months after adopting Kali, Laura and Scott adopted Otti to keep her company. Kune Kune pigs are very social and so they wanted to ensure Kali was getting the best life possible. When they met Otti, they knew he would be the perfect addition to their family.

Something that Laura, Scott, Kali and Otti enjoy is going on adventures. Whether taking their piggy friends to have a swim at a beach, going camping or for bush walks, or exploring somewhere new together, Laura and Scott love spending this time with one another. When Laura and Scott go travelling on their own, their first thoughts when away are of Kali and Otti. However, they know when they return home, they have two very excited piggies waiting to greet them. 

Having Kali and Otti has been life-changing for Laura and Scott. They have learnt so much about pigs – how to care for them, their behaviours, and more. When they look into Kali and Otti’s eyes, all they see is love, and this inspires Laura and Scott to advocate for them and educate others on what pigs are really like. To their humans, they are their family, their children. 

Not only have Kali and Otti had an impact on Laura and Scott, but also on their extended families. They are often included in family activities and have become local celebrities within their community. Kali and Otti have even become the unofficial mascots for their local football club!

The bond that Laura and Scott have formed with Kali and Otti is truly special. Each day is made better simply because they have one another.