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Chloe and Oreo — September 30, 2022

Chloe and Oreo

~ Chloe and Oreo ~

Two years ago, Chloe met lovely black and white cat, Oreo. Since then, they have improved each other’s lives hugely. 

In 2020, Chloe wanted to adopt a cat. After some searching, a friend of hers said they had a small, black and white cat who was looking for a home. Chloe decided to met with the cat and as soon as they met, she knew it was meant to be. She adopted the cat then and there and decided to name her Oreo. 

Having Oreo has helped Chloe immensely. Sadly, Chloe lost a family member which was devastating. However, her feline friend never left her side through this difficult time. Whenever she’s feeling sad, anxious or having a tough time, Oreo is always there for his human, no matter what. Whether playing together or snuggling up, being in each other’s company is always a highlight to any day. 

The bond that Chloe and Oreo share is truly special. They have been there for one another through thick and thin and continue to make each day better just by being there. 

Emma, Bailey and Daisy — September 23, 2022

Emma, Bailey and Daisy

~ Emma, Bailey and Daisy ~

Four years ago, Emma welcomed Bailey into her life. Then, at the start of 2022, she met Daisy. In the time they’ve been together, Emma, Bailey and Daisy have all had a huge impact on each other, as well as Emma’s daughter, Madison. 

In 2018, Emma, Kris and Madison were devastated when they lost their 10-year-old dog, Max. To Madison, it was like losing a brother. Initially, Emma wanted to wait until the end of the year to adopt another dog, however, she saw a post about some puppies looking for a home. She organised a visit and fell in love. Out of the 11 puppies of the litter, Bailey ran right up to Madison and didn’t leave her side – and hasn’t since. 

At the beginning of 2022, Emma and her family suffered the loss of their 14-year-old cat, Bella. Not long after, a post popped up showing another litter of pups. Emma wanted to adopt a canine friend for Bailey and welcome another pet into their home. Once again, she decided to visit the puppies and one pup in particular, Daisy, ran up to Madison and chewed on her shoelaces! There was no doubt in their mind that she was the perfect addition. 

Both Bailey and Daisy have helped their family to grieve and heal after two devastating losses. As well as this, Emma has struggled with anxiety but having her canine companions has impacted her hugely. Each day, they provide her with love and support by simply being there. Whenever she’s feeling down or overwhelmed, Bailey and Daisy are right there. 

Something that Emma, Bailey and Daisy enjoy is going on adventures. From going to the beach and running along the waterfront to walking tracks, they love having this time together and exploring new places. Madison likes teaching and training Bailey and Daisy to do all kinds of tricks, especially jumping through hoops. At the end of each day, however, they love simply being in each other’s company and snuggling up.

The impact that Bailey and Daisy have had on Emma, Kris and Madison has been huge. They have brought joy and love into every day since finding their family.

Natalie and Nike — September 16, 2022

Natalie and Nike

~ Natalie and Nike ~

Five years ago, Natalie met the sweetest little puppy named Nike. Since then, they have helped each other through so much and have had a huge impact on one another. 

In 2017, Natalie was working as a medical resident which, while rewarding, was stressful. At the same time, her childhood dog passed away which was devastating. After a lot of thinking, however, she decided to get a puppy. Although she was often busy at the hospital, her friends and colleagues were a huge help. It became apparent fairly quickly that the puppy, named Nike, was perfect. 

Having Nike changed Natalie’s life. Her canine companion has been there through thick and thin, reminds her to appreciate the small things and has brought joy into each and every day. Working in the medical profession can be challenging, so returning home to an excited dog never fails to brighten Natalie’s mood. No matter what, Nike always knows just how to bring a smile to her human’s face. She’s very loving and loves meeting new people and dogs. 

Since welcoming Nike into her life, she and Natalie have discovered a passion for hiking. Sometimes, they walk up almost 50km in a week! Doing this has helped Natalie go out more and enjoy the fresh air with her best friend by her side. They have even made friends through hiking and love to go for adventures whenever possible. This has also helped Natalie work on her other passion – photography. Taking photos of Nike while on a hike provides her with great inspiration. 

When they don’t feel like going out, however, Natalie and Nike enjoy snuggling up on a couch and to watch something on TV together. Nike is very cuddly and loves being around her human. Simply being in each other’s company means the world to them. 

Natalie and Nike have improved each other’s lives immensely. Each day since they first met, they have shared so much happiness and love with one another. 

Siobhan, Hamish and Lenny — September 12, 2022

Siobhan, Hamish and Lenny

~ Siobhan, Hamish and Lenny ~

Almost a year ago, Siobhan and Hamish met Lenny. Since then, they have become a family and each day is made better simply by being together. 

In 2021, Siobhan and Hamish wanted to adopt a furry friend. While searching, they saw a puppy online who was looking for a home. The Border Collie x Golden Retriever, named Lenny, was perfect for them. As soon as they met him, they knew it was meant to be. 

Having Lenny has had a huge impact on Siobhan and Hamish’s lives. If they’re ever feeling angry, sad, or just feeling a bit meh, Lenny can always cheer them up. Through all of life’s ups and downs, he helps ground his humans, to focus on the present and provides them with a routine. As well as this, he has also helped Siobhan and Hamish to be more active.

Siobhan, Hamish and Lenny enjoy going on adventures together. From going on walks around their neighbourhood, finding new places and going swimming, this time is always treasured. One of Lenny’s favourite things is going to the beach. He digs in the sand and plays in the waves, which his humans love to watch. 

The bond that Siobhan, Hamish and Lenny share is so special. They have brought so much love and joy into each other’s lives. 

Emma and Devito — September 9, 2022

Emma and Devito

~ Emma and Devito ~

Three years ago, Devito found his forever home with Emma. Since then, they have helped each other in more ways than either thought possible. 

For as long as she can remember, Emma has always loved animals. Her passion was one of her main motivations for working at a veterinary clinic as a technician. The clinic works closely with the SPCA, so Emma often gets to meet many of the animals looking for homes. 

One day, while at work, one of the vets told Emma about a special little Border Collie x Corgi named Devito who would be coming in to be desexed. From his description, she felt he could be a perfect fit. However, when she met him, she knew he was perfect. She promised him before his surgery that she would be there, every step of the way. Afterwards, Emma put her name down to adopt him. It wasn’t long before she heard back and had been approved!

Not long after the first Covid-19 lockdown, Emma was diagnosed with clinical depression. She was put on antidepressants, however, it was Devito who helped his human find hope and purpose. Each day, he brings so much love and joy into her life and Emma feels she wouldn’t be where she is today without her canine companion. As well as this, he has helped her to become a better vet tech and person. 

Whenever Emma has a tough day, Devito is right there. They share such a strong bond and, because of this, they are very in-tuned with each other. Some days, Emma finds getting out of bed a challenge; on these days, her furry friend will jump onto the bed and lie right across her lap. This helps hugely in knowing he’s there for her and reminds her she’s not alone. 

Something that Emma and Devito love is going to the beach. While he’s not all that keen on swimming, he loves running across the beach and scent tracking. When not at the beach, they love to play together and snuggle up after a long day. Having this time means the world to them both. Not only this, but Emma often fosters kittens from the SPCA. Devito absolutely loves all his kitten friends and will always be there during feeding and playtime. 

Emma and Devito share a truly beautiful bond. Through thick and thin, they’ve always been there for one another. They remind each other that they are loved and continue to fill every day with endless joy. 

Nicole and Odin — September 7, 2022

Nicole and Odin

~ Nicole and Odin ~

At the end of last year, Nicole and Odin met. Since then, they have become the best of friends and bring so much joy into each and every day. 

In 2021, while scrolling through social media, Nicole saw a photo of Pomeranian x Dachshund puppies. She knew immediately she had to arrange a visit. Once she arrived, her heart melted as one of the puppies ran right up to her and curled up in her arms. From this moment, Nicole knew it was just meant to be. What solidified her decision was that she met the pup, whom she named Odin, on the 17th of December and 7 is a lucky number for Nicole and her family. 

Just before adopting Odin, Nicole lost her cat, Sebastian. She was devastated and felt there was a big hole in her life afterwards. When she adopted Odin, he helped her to heal and, together, they visit Sebastian’s grave in their backyard. It’s difficult, but having her canine companion by her side has meant a lot.

Having Odin has had a big impact on Nicole. Each day he brings her so much love and joy. Before work, he helps to start his human’s day off right with an excited tail wag. When she returns home from work, Odin races to meet her and instantly washes away any stresses from her day. They love snuggling up together on the sofa and watching a relaxing movie or series on Netflix. 

Not only has Odin impacted Nicole, but also her family and community. He has helped bring Nicole’s family closer together, simply by being himself. Everyone who meets him instantly falls in love. As well as this, two dogs who live nearby, Luna and Rose, love visiting Odin and playing tug-of-war or just running around. 

Something that Nicole and Odin enjoy is going on adventures. Whether meeting up with friends, exploring new places, or simply running around their backyard and playing together. Having this time with one another means so much to the both of them. 

While Odin has only been part of Nicole’s life for just under a year, they have already formed a special bond and created lots of happy memories together. Each day is made better simply because they have each other. 

Amanda and Moe — August 31, 2022

Amanda and Moe

~ Amanda and Moe ~

Six years ago, Amanda met Moe, a Dwarf X rabbit, who was looking for a home. Since then, they have formed a very special bond. 

In 2016, Amanda saw a post by a rabbit rescue in Hawkes Bay showing a small black and white rabbit up for adoption. As soon as she saw the photo, Amanda felt that they were meant to be. Without hesitation, she contacted the rescue. They told her the rabbit, named Moe, was timid and had some aggression issues, making her hard to handle. This only made Amanda want to adopt her even more – she wanted to help Moe and give her a better chance at a happy life. 

It took a while but soon enough, Amanda gained Moe’s trust. They have grown to have faith in each other. Since adopting Moe, Amanda has shown her that not all people are bad and that she’s now safe and loved. Seeing her bunny friend flourish and become more confident in herself each year has meant a lot.

Unfortunately, Amanda recently lost her heart rabbit, Bubs. She was devastated. During this difficult time, Moe knew just what to do. When she sensed her human was sad, she would be right there, providing her with love, comfort and support. 

Not only has Moe had an impact on Amanda, but also on her partner, Harley. As someone without any prior experience with caring for rabbits, Harley learnt as much as possible and is now a dedicated bun-dad. He has loved getting to know Moe and better understanding her. 

Having Moe has helped Amanda hugely. Through being a reliable and loving companion, she has shown her human just how much compassion and patience can impact someone’s life. The love they have for one another has changed their lives for the better. 

Something that Amanda and Moe enjoy doing is simply spending time together and snuggling up. They could happily spend hours scrolling TikTok or watching something on TV, having this time is cherished by them both. Hearing Moe’s purrs and being in her presence means the world to Amanda and creates a sense of tranquillity. 

The bond that Amanda and Moe share is truly special. They have both helped one another to flourish. Through thick and thin, they have always been there, by each other’s side.

Tamarin and Marley — August 29, 2022

Tamarin and Marley

~ Tamarin and Marley ~

Ten years ago, Tamarin first met Marley. Since then, they have been by each other’s sides through thick and thin and have formed a very special bond. 

In 2012, Tamarin heard of a litter of Labrador x German Shepherd puppies. As soon as she saw the photos, she was in love. Deciding to meet them, Tamarin drove three hours. When she arrived, a small black puppy, named Marley, ran up to her and, as he climbed into her arms, melted her heart. Tamarin knew that, in that moment, he was perfect. During the drive home, Marley sat on his new human’s lap and they have been best friends ever since. 

Since day one, Marley has helped Tamarin hugely. Whenever she is feeling anxious or down, she knows her canine companion is right there. Marley just seems to know when his human needs company and a hug. When Tamarin was going through a difficult separation, her furry friend was right there to remind her that it would be okay and that she wasn’t alone during that time. 

Just before the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand, one of Tamarin’s family members was diagnosed with incurable cancer. After hearing this, she couldn’t eat, would wake up at 2am with severe anxiety, withdrew from friends and family and found mundane chores nearly impossible. 

Amid the first lockdown, Tamarin lost her job, furthering her anxiety. Having Marley, however, made a world of difference. Each day, he would bring a smile to his human’s face and encourage her to get out of bed and go outside for their daily walks with his big brown eyes. Slowly but surely, Tamarin found hope in this, all thanks to Marley and his puppy dog eyes. 

Wanting to help others who may have been struggling with their mental health, Tamarin had an idea to start her own business – Better Tea Co. There, she sells a range of teas made to help with anxiety, digestive health and recovery and restoration of one’s overall wellbeing. Each day at work, Marley joins his human and brings joy to everyone he meets. From Tamarin’s colleagues to simply passersby, everyone who meets him immediately loves him. 

Having Marley reminds Tamarin be mindful and appreciate the smaller things in life. They enjoy going to the beach to breathe in the fresh air and play in the water together, as well as meeting other dogs and their humans. No matter how the day may have started, Tamarin and Marley always leave the beach smiling from ear to ear. At the end of a long day, they also love simply snuggling up together and enjoying a tasty snack!

Marley has changed Tamarin’s life hugely. He has brought love and light into his human’s life and each moment they have together is always cherished. Tamarin and Marley truly share such a special bond.

Shameel, Monty, Koko and Lockie — August 26, 2022

Shameel, Monty, Koko and Lockie

~ Shameel, Monty, Koko and Lockie ~

Four years ago, Shameel welcomed Monty into his home. Not long after, Koko and Lockie joined the family. Since then, they have formed a great bond and share so much happiness with one another each and every day. 

In 2018, Shameel wanted to adopt a furry friend. After some searching, he discovered a litter of Russian Blue kittens and was instantly in love. It didn’t take long before he returned home with one of the kittens who he named Monty. 

Two years later, wanting to welcome a second furry friend into his life, Shameel decided to adopt a dog. One day, he met Koko, a sweet little Japanese Spitz pup! He knew she was perfect. Then, at the end of 2021, Shameel welcomed Lockie, a Japanese Spitz x German Spitz, into their family. 

The trio have helped Shameel hugely. Monty, Koko and Lockie bring so much joy and love into each day. Whenever he’s sad or having a tough day, Shameel knows his furbabies are right there. Seeing their happy faces, either excitedly waiting for a cuddle or a game of fetch can always make a bad day better. They all have their quirks – Monty waking the house up for breakfast, Koko singing along to police sirens and Lockie eating the outside plants – and Shameel can’t imagine life without them. 

No matter what, Monty, Koko and Lockie never fail to brighten the day of everyone around them. The trio are rays of sunshine and have definitely changed Shameel’s life for the better. There’s nothing they enjoy more than being able to spend time together. Monty loves snuggling up for a nap with Shameel, especially when it’s cold! Koko and her human enjoy playing together – fetch, and tug-of-war, among others. While Lockie and Shameel’s favourite thing to do together is going for walks and meeting new friends.

The bond that Shameel, Monty, Koko and Lockie share is truly special. Each day is made better because they have each other and they bring endless joy and unconditional love into one another’s lives.

Skylar and Milo — August 24, 2022

Skylar and Milo

~ Skylar and Milo ~

Three years ago, Skylar adopted Milo, a cheeky Chihuahua pup. Since first meeting, they have become the best of friends and bring joy into each other’s lives each day. 

For as long as she can remember, Skylar has always been passionate about animals, especially dogs. When she was younger, she remembers dancing around the dining room table as her mother groomed dogs, and sitting under her mother’s work table to cuddle with some of the puppies. Suffice it to say, Skylar has always loved dogs. 

Wanting a dog of her own, Skylar spent around three years searching for the perfect companion. One day in 2019, her mother came across an 18-month-old Chihuahua looking for a home. They instantly decided to make the 2-hour car trip from Christchurch to Kaikoura to meet the pup. As they pulled into the driveway, two excited Chihuahuas came tearing toward them. One of them, named Milo, decided to show Skylar around the house and she knew in that moment, that he was perfect. 

Having Milo has helped Skylar immensely. Every morning, he motivates her to get up, even if it’s tough, and listens to his human without judgement. He has given Skylar more of a purpose, confidence and even independence. As well as this, Milo has encouraged her to be more involved within her community, both online and off. Being able to meet new people, and furbabies, through Milo’s Instagram page has meant a lot to Skylar. 

Not only has Milo helped Skylar, but he has also had a big impact on her grandmother. When at work, Skylar has her grandmother look after Milo. Seeing their bond flourish has warmed her heart. Each day, Milo keeps his great-grandmother company, providing her with someone to talk to and comfort. 

Both Skylar and Milo enjoy going on adventures together. From visiting their favourite spots to finding new ones, having this time with one another always brings them joy. To Skylar, there’s nothing better than walking in nature with her best friend. 

The bond that Skylar and Milo share is incredible. They have been there for one another through thick and thin. Skylar’s life has changed for the better because of Milo. She ensures that he is living his best life every day by never skipping a pat or cuddle, always having delicious food, and making sure he’s as happy as he can be!