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Olivia and Craig — January 17, 2022

Olivia and Craig

~ Olivia and Craig ~

Eight years ago, Olivia Ansell nee Bezett launched her art business. She has created many beautiful pieces, all have been inspired by animals. Since launching her business, she has welcomed Ragdoll kitten, Craig, and mini lop rabbit, Cashew. Both have helped her immensely with her art. 

Coming from a family of artists, Olivia started to pursue her art at 17 years old. She found it to be her happy place and something that allowed her to be in the moment. Since then, Olivia has become a full-time artist and has created many beautiful pieces.

While art gave Olivia a lot of joy and calmness, it was often lonely. She had her mini-lop rabbit, Cashew, but often she preferred to hop around outside and kept to herself. So, four years ago, Olivia and her husband decided to adopt a kitten. Due to her allergies, they felt a Ragdoll would be best suited as they don’t have an undercoat. 

Soon, Olivia and her husband had heard of a new litter of Ragdoll kittens and quickly organised a visit. Once they arrived, she met with the smallest kitten of the litter. While all the others were running and playing, he was quietly sitting by himself. Olivia and her husband fell in love with the little kitten and knew he was the one. They adopted him and named him Craig. 

Having Craig helped Olivia immensely. He keeps her company while she creates her pieces, a companion to brighten her day and a source of unconditional love and happiness. When Olivia is drawing, Craig enjoys watching her from behind the easel, and occasionally swats her pencils away! 

While sometimes Craig’s help isn’t always necessary, such as when he does zoomies during stock takes or playing with pencils, he never fails to make Olivia smile. Cashew often helps from afar and lets Olivia and Craig do their thing. They’re great co-workers and both provide Olivia another drawing subject. 

Being a full-time artist means the world to Olivia. It is obvious just how much love and time goes into her work, especially commissioned pieces. Every commission has a story behind it, whether for a loved one, a memorial piece, or just of someone’s beloved pet, they all have unique meaning and Olivia loves doing these pieces for people. Sometimes she gets sent videos of people receiving their commissions, these are always very special to Olivia to see the joy her art bring others. 

Every morning she wakes up, Olivia feels immensely thankful. Each day she can put pencil to paper and create something that will bring joy to someone. It means the world to her. She often gets to talk to people, both in person and through social media, who love her art. Hearing how much happiness her art brings people makes her feel absolutely ecstatic. 

The impact that Craig has had on Olivia has been huge. Having him as her fluffy co-worker has been life-changing. As well as this, waking up every morning to do something she loves is a dream come true for her. If you’re interested in some new art, definitely check out Olivia’s page – Olivia Bezett Artist – now!

Jen, Peanut and Eugene — January 14, 2022

Jen, Peanut and Eugene

~ Jen, Peanut and Eugene ~

Almost three years ago, Jen adopted the beautiful Peanut. A year and a half later, she adopted Lynx Point Siamese cat, Eugene. Ever since then, they have all created such a strong bond and have helped each other immensely. 

In 2015, Jen’s 16-year-old cat sadly passed away, and not too long after that, her 6-year-old dog. This was absolutely devastating for Jen and she decided to take a break from having animals as it was just too painful. 

Four years later, one of Jen’s friends was fostering a puppy. The Cattle dog mix pup was a ball of energy but also one that had a lot of love to give. As soon as Jen met the puppy, her heart melted and she just knew this was the perfect dog. She quickly adopted her and named her Peanut. 

At the time, Jen had been living in Phoenix. This was difficult for both her and Peanut, so she made the decision to move to Montana to give Peanut the best life possible. However, having just moved at the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdowns, it was a challenge. Jen was very thankful to have her canine companion at this time. 

Soon, Jen felt it would be good for Peanut to have another furry friend. Jen decided to adopt a kitten, a Lynx Point Siamese. She named him Eugene. It took a while for Peanut to adjust as she was a bit scared at first, however, they soon became inseparable!

No matter what, Peanut and Eugene could always brighten Jen’s day. Whether they’re chasing or playing with each other, or curling up together, having them has greatly impacted Jen’s life. 

Something that they all enjoy doing together is going out for adventures. Peanut loves doing zoomies through the snow, as well as hiking with Jen and playing with her favourite soccer ball at the dog park. So they can enjoy it even more, Jen has been working on leash training with Eugene. She hopes that all three of them can go out together and enjoy exploring with each other. 

The impact that Peanut and Eugene have had on Jen has been huge. Through thick and thin, they have all been there for one another. They share so much love and care for each other. They truly share such a special bond. 

Kit and Frost — January 12, 2022

Kit and Frost

~ Kit and Frost ~

Just over two years ago, Kit adopted their canine companion, Frost. Since then, they have formed such a special bond.

In 2019, Kit and their partner were looking to adopt a furry friend. They soon heard of a litter of Border Collie pups and fell in love. When they met one of the puppies at nine weeks old, Kit instantly knew she was perfect. They adopted her and named her Frost. 

No matter what, Frost can always brighten Kit’s day. Whether she’s finding somewhere high up to sit, excitedly running to them, or ungracefully jumping at them for a cuddle, Frost never fails to bring a smile to her human’s day. 

Having Frost has greatly impacted Kit’s life. After long days at work or when they’re feeling down, Frost is right there. She just knows how to cheer them up. As well as this, she also encourages Kit to go out for walks each day which has had been very helpful to their mental health. 

One of Kit and Frost’s favourite activities is going out on adventures together. Frost loves to explore the beach for sticks and play in the water. Being a collie, she has a lot of energy! She just loves being active and is always ready to play, or go exploring. 

Frost has had such a big impact on Kit. The bond they’ve formed is so special and has bettered Kit’s life immensely. Frost has brought so much happiness into their life.

Nafisha and Ary — January 10, 2022

Nafisha and Ary

~ Nafisha and Ary ~

Five years ago, Ary found her forever home with Nafisha. Since then, Ary has helped Nafisha immensely and has changed her life so much. 

For as long as she can remember, Nafisha had been terrified of dogs. She couldn’t go near one due to her anxieties around them. In the years before adopting Ary, Nafisha slowly got used to being around dogs. Her boss would bring in service dogs-in-training and her partner is a big dog lover. After a while, Nafisha began to overcome her fear of dogs. 

In 2016, after having thought about it, Nafisha decided to adopt a dog. She discovered a mixed breed puppy at a pet store in Auckland who was affiliated with a animal rescue based in Thames, NZ. She was instantly drawn to this one pup as she was very small but had very long legs in proportion to her body! It was love at first sight and, as a Game of Thrones fan, Nafisha named her Ary after Arya Stark. 

Being Nafisha’s first dog, Ary has had such a huge impact on her life. She has helped Nafisha to further overcome her fear of dogs, and has brought so much more happiness into her life. Not only this, but Ary has improved her mental health overall. Through encouraging her to socialise more, she helps calm her down in times of stress, and more. 

Something that Nafisha and Ary enjoy doing is going for adventures together. Whether walking along a beach, exploring a new place or one of their favourite parks. They love doing this as it’s time for just them, to be in each other’s company and experience new things. 

Through thick and thin, Nafisha and Ary have been by each other’s side. Ary has brought unconditional love and so much joy into Nafisha’s life. For this, she is incredibly grateful and they have both changed each other’s lives for the better.

Lilly and Piper — January 7, 2022

Lilly and Piper

~ Lilly and Piper ~

Over three years ago, Lilly met Piper. Since then, they have become the best of friends and have had such a big impact on each other. 

In 2018, Lilly was told of a little puppy looking for her forever home. Her partner’s mother and sister who foster animals from the Saving Hope Foundation sent her some photos of them. She instantly fell in love with one in particular – Piper. Without any hesitation, Lilly went to go meet the pup.

Upon meeting Piper, Lilly was smitten. She was a small 9-week-old puppy with a big personality and instantly treated Lilly as her family. There was no doubt in Lilly’s mind that Piper had found her forever home.

Sadly, in 2020, Lilly’s other dog, Charlie, passed away. He and Piper loved to play together and would often do so outside in the back section. Piper raced back to Lilly and alerted her to there being something seriously wrong. It wasn’t long before Lilly saw Charlie had been attacked by two big dogs and, tragically, he didn’t make it. 

This was devastating for Lilly, Piper and their family. Through it all, however, Piper helped Lilly through it and vice versa. They were both traumatised from the ordeal, but together, they got through it. If Piper senses Lilly is feeling sad, she plays and runs around to make her smile. 

Since then, Lilly and Piper have developed a very strong bond. Through good times and bad, they have been by each other’s side. Piper has been Lilly’s rock through thick and thin. Not a day goes by that Piper doesn’t bring happiness into Lilly’s life. 

Not only has Piper had an impact on Lilly’s life, but also on their family, friends and community. She just knows how to brighten someone’s day. Everyone who she meets instantly falls in love with her bubbly personality and infectious positivity. 

Something that Lilly and Piper love doing together is going for walks together. They often go to a nearby field and play with a ball. Piper is always excited to do zoomies and just have the freedom to run as much as she wants! 

As well as this, Piper loves to go to the beach for a swim. She’s certainly a very active dog and encourages Lilly to be out in nature. When it’s warmer, they also love to play with the water hose at home!

To Lilly, Piper means the world. She is so grateful to have her by her side. Piper has had a huge impact on Lilly and the love and care they have for one another is very special. 

Liv and Pinot — January 5, 2022

Liv and Pinot

~ Liv and Pinot ~

Over a year ago, Liv welcomed Miniature Schnauzer pup, Pinot, into her home. Since then, Pinot has brought so much happiness and love into her life. 

For as long as she can remember, Liv has always wanted a dog. Yet, there was always something that prevented her from doing this. She felt it best to wait until life settled down a bit for her. Then she realised that waiting for that could be a very long time, so she decided in 2020 that she would adopt a puppy.

Liv had been looking everywhere for a puppy. She wanted to welcome a furry friend into her home, but couldn’t the right one for her. It’s important to find a dog that worked with her lifestyle and spent a long time looking at different dogs and dog breeds. After a while, not long after, she heard of a litter of seven and a half week old Schnauzer puppies! She decided to go meet them. 

On Queen’s Birthday Weekend in 2020, Liv went to meet with them. It felt right to her. She talked to the breeder and felt very confident as they asked a lot of questions and vetted her to make sure she could provide for the puppy. When she finally met them, Liv fell in love! They were all sweet, bubbly and friendly pups. 

The first puppy she met was the one. As soon as Liv picked her up, the puppy instantly calmed down and curled into her arms. Liv knew from this moment that she was the perfect companion for her. When she was ten and a half weeks old, Liv took the pup home and named her Pinot. 

Having Pinot has helped Liv immensely. She has found that having a canine companion has helped her become more settled. Through tough times, Pinot is a constant in her life and can always brighten her day, no matter what. Not only this, but Liv has also had so many new experiences thanks to Pinot, such as meeting new people, going on adventures, and more. 

One of the best things for Liv about having Pinot is being able to take her to work. Pinot is Liv’s office dog and this has helped, not only her, but also her coworkers. When she excitedly enters the office, everyone is eager to greet her. Pinot has become a very popular member of their team. She has helped bring them closer in that she encourages people to socialise and talk more with each other – Pinot even joins them for daily lunch dates!

If Pinot can’t make it to work one day, Liv is always asked “where’s Pinot??” It just goes to show how much Pinot means to everyone she meets. She has greatly impacted the live’s of anyone who meets her. Their team leader even makes time for Pinot to play with her. She brings happiness to every single person in the office and it’s something that Liv feels very proud of. 

Waking up every morning to Pinot’s furry face instantly starts Liv’s day off with a smile. They happily snuggle together and then start their day. When Liv isn’t at work, she loves going horseriding. Pinot has recently taken quite a liking to following her when she does this! Doing this is something she had always dreamed of and she feels ecstatic to be living it. They also enjoy going on adventures, whether going to their favourite dog park or exploring new areas. 

The impact Pinot has had on Liv has been huge. No matter what’s going on in her life, Pinot can always brighten her day. She has encouraged Liv to embrace life more and has brought her unconditional love. They truly share a very special bond. 

Justine, Peter, Carl and Mo — January 3, 2022

Justine, Peter, Carl and Mo

~ Justine, Peter, Carl and Mo ~

Almost a year ago, Justine and her partner, Peter, adopted kittens, Carl and Mo. Ever since, they have formed a very strong bond and have become a little family. 

At the end of 2020, Justine and Peter wanted to welcome a furry friend into their lives. They had both grown up with animals in their lives, and wanted to welcome some new additions into their home. 

Soon, they discovered a rescue called the Orphan Kitten Club, based in San Diego, on social media. They saw videos and photos of two fluffy kitten brothers and fell in love. Without a doubt, Justine and Peter decided that the kittens, Carl and Mo, had found their forever home. 

While adopting Carl and Mo, Justine and Peter learnt that they were found abandoned. Thankfully, the Orphan Kitten Club were able to rescue them, nurse them and then find them loving homes. Not only this, but the rescue was able to find the kitten’s mother and spay her to be re-released. 

Since welcoming them into their home, Justine and Peter’s lives have changed. Thanks to Carl and Mo, they share so much more happiness in each day. Because they’re kittens, they also definitely keep Justine and Peter on their toes! 

While Carl and Mo definitely have a lot of energy and enjoy playing, they also like to simply spend time with Justine and Peter. Not only this, but they’re hoping to try harness training for exploring their community. 

The impact that Justine, Peter, Carl and Mo have all had on each other is huge. They have each brought so much love and happiness into one another’s life. 

Maddy and Madam — December 31, 2021

Maddy and Madam

~ Maddy and Madam ~

At the start of 2021, Maddy made the decision to pursue her passion. Not only this, but after moving in with her grandparents, she discovered a love for animals, especially that of their Jack Russell doggo, Madam. 

Growing up, Maddy was unsure about animals and was afraid of dogs. Then, in 2021, she moved in with her grandparents and their dog, Madam. She met Madam when she was only a pup almost six years ago, and now, they are closer than ever. 

Being around Madam has helped Maddy immensely. After returning home from a long day, Madam always excitedly greets her. Being met by a bubbly pup always brightens her day. They work off of each other’s energy, bringing out the best in one another.

No matter what, Madam can always make Maddy smile. If she’s been having a challenging day or is feeling upset, Madam is right there for her. They love having cuddles together and just being in each other’s company. Not only this, Madam has a big personality for a small dog! From her playing to running around, she never fails to brighten Maddy’s day. 

Because of the bond that Maddy and Madam have formed, she has been inspired to pursue art and even create pet portraits. Art has always been one of Maddy’s biggest passions. Whenever she is working on something, it gives her a sense of empowerment in being able to be vulnerable and explore. All of Maddy’s heart goes into each and every one of her pieces. 

Maddy has always loved creating conceptual artworks that worked with feminist and body-positive themes. As her artistic journey progressed, she has now started creating pet portraits. Having Madam helped her realise how much a furry friend can mean. Not only this, but she began getting requests for portraits of people’s pets, whether for themselves or as a gift. 

Having art as a way of expression means a lot to Maddy. Being able to work on something in her own time and that she has freedom to do what she wants. As well as this, this has allowed Maddy to be proud of herself and her work in doing something that she is incredibly passionate about. She knows that this is the path for her and that’s what keeps her motivated in pursuing her art. 

The bond that Maddy and Madam have is truly special. They bring out the best in each other and share so much love. Not only this, but the happiness that creating art has also had a huge impact on Maddy. If you want to check out her art, or buy a commissioned piece or pet portrait, check out her pages now!

Krystal, Sarah, Emmett and Frankie — December 30, 2021

Krystal, Sarah, Emmett and Frankie

~ Krystal, Sarah, Emmett and Frankie ~

A few years ago, Sarah and her wife, Krystal, welcomed Emmett into their family. Then, a year ago, they added Frankie. Since then, they have become a beautiful family full of love. 

Sadly, in 2018, Sarah lost her twin sister. She was devastated and felt there was a huge hole in her heart. As an avid animal lover, Sarah felt it was fitting to adopt an animal from her local SPCA.

Shortly after losing her sister, Sarah, and Krystal, went to the Wellington SPCA centre. There, they met an 11-month-old kitten named Alexander. He was small and scared, quite the opposite of what they had been looking for. However, something about his eyes and sweet face won Sarah and Krystal over. They decided to adopt him and renamed him Emmett in Emma’s honour. 

About two years later, Sarah and Krystal decided to adopt another fur baby. They discovered a new litter of Dachshund puppies who were being advertised on behalf of a pet store in New Plymouth. From where they live, this was a 4.5 hour drive, but after some thinking, they decided to go for it. 

They next day, once they arrived, they were in love. Sarah and Krystal met the puppy, Frankie who was a small, bouncy ball of fluff, and immediately decided he was the perfect pup for them. 

At first, there was an adjustment period, however, Emmett and Frankie now get along like brothers. They nap together, play with Frankie’s ball and play-fight, and enjoy being around each other. They sometimes have disagreements, but never go to sleep without making up. 

Having both Emmett and Frankie has helped Sarah and Krystal hugely. Since first adopting him, Emmett has shared a very special bond with Sarah. They spend much of their time together and Emmett is always there for her. Due to health issues, Sarah had to work from home in 2021. During this time, Emmett was the best coworker! He would stay by her side all day long and provide her with all the snuggles she needed.

While Emmett is Sarah’s best friend, Frankie is Krystal’s, but they’re both their fur children. Frankie is always extremely excited when his mums come home. He greets them at the door and, no matter what kind of day they’ve had, he always lifts their mood. Not only this, but Frankie encourages them to go out. He loves his walks, especially at the beach, and he goes everywhere that he can with Sarah and Krystal, from festivals to markets. 

Emmett and Frankie bring so much happiness into Sarah and Krystal’s lives. Emmett is always there for snuggles and comfort, and Frankie is always there to make them laugh or cheer them up after a long day – although he’s known to sometimes hide socks in their garden! The joy that they bring Sarah and Krystal is what inspired them to start an Instagram account for them, so they could share this with more people. 

Not only do Emmett and Frankie brighten Sarah and Krystal’s lives, but also that of their friends and family. Emmett and Frankie’s grandparents love seeing them for playdates, naps and even sleepovers! All of the family look forward to seeing their furry family members! 

The impact that Emmett and Frankie have had on Krystal and Sarah has been incredible. They’ve helped them through thick and thin and have provided them with endless joy and unconditional love. 

Danni and Kira — December 29, 2021

Danni and Kira

~ Danni and Kira ~

In 2021, Danni met Shepsky pup, Kira. In the short amount of time they have been together, they have changed each other’s lives for the better. 

At the beginning of 2021, Danni sadly lost her 16-year-old dog. She was her best friend and Danni was devastated. After a while, her partner suggested they adopt another dog of their own and keep their other dog company. She started looking for potential puppies, but couldn’t find one that was right for them. 

After a long search, Danni found some Shepsky puppies. Initially, Danni was hesitant on adopting a husky or husky cross, but when she saw the photos of the litter, she fell in love. One puppy in particular stood out. She had her front paws crossed and looked very proud of herself. For the next two weeks, Danni could not stop thinking about her, and so decided to organise a meeting. 

As soon as Danni met the puppy, she knew she was the one. Seeing the pup, Kira, just brightened Danni’s day. She was running around with her siblings and exploring her world. Danni and her partner adopted her a week later and soon realised she had a lot more energy than they initially thought! 

The first few weeks were difficult. Kira was definitely a very mischievous puppy and kept Danni on her toes. However, after a few more weeks and a lot of training, Kira became fully crate trained. Kira has flourished into a well-behaved and loving dog. 

In the short amount of time that Danni and Kira have been together, they have formed such a strong bond. Kira is very affectionate and loves to be in the company of her human – she’s certainly already left some pawprints on Danni’s heart! 

Something that both Danni and Kira enjoy doing together is simply going out. From the beach to a walk around the block, they love this time together. One time at the beach, Danni felt so proud. Kira went off-leash and she showed her that all the training and work they put into building their bond had paid off. 

It is obvious the impact that Kira has had on Danni, and how much love they share for one another. They have helped each other to flourish and have created a very special bond.