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Jacqui and Lance — September 27, 2021

Jacqui and Lance

~ Jacqui and Lance ~

Two years ago, Lance walked into Jacqui’s life. In the time since then, Lance has had such a huge impact on her. Ever since day one, they have formed a very strong bond. 

Jacqui has struggled with having health conditions and disabilities. These can create challenges for her on a daily basis. She found it difficult to have independence and confidence when out. To help her gain some freedom, it was decided that a service dog would be beneficial to her. 

After having this idea, Jacqui spent years looking for her perfect companion. Then, in 2019, she found a breeder who is known to be a very experienced poodle breeder. Of the litter, Jacqui met a small pup and fell instantly in love. 

The pup named Lancelot, or Lance, and Jacqui had an immediate connection. Jacqui was in love with his personality and, of course, how cute he was! After he passed his temperament tests and was old enough, he was able to go home with her. 

Having Lance has been life-changing for Jacqui. He can perform a wide variety of tasks for her, including medical alerts, turning on lights, getting medicine, picking up objects, getting water from the fridge and much more. This has allowed Jacqui to have so much more independence. She can do what she wants, go where she wants and has even enrolled to take university courses, all thanks to Lance. 

Lance has allowed Jacqui to get the most out of her life. In terms of her health, she has never been healthier. She is able to go out and be more active. Each week both Lance and Jacqui go on a new outdoor adventure. As well as this, she also feels safer going out with Lance by her side. 

Not only has Lance helped Jacqui with physical tasks, but he has helped her to gain more happiness in life. He has helped her to live her life to the fullest. They enjoy training together, going for hikes each week, paddleboarding in the summer, trying different sports and simply spending time together. 

No matter what happens in Jacqui’s life, she knows that Lance is right there for her. He has helped her cope, has supported her, given her hope and so much more. She has the freedom and confidence to do what she wants now. Lance has given Jacqui independence and shows her community just how much a service dog can change a life.

Sienna and Odette — July 23, 2021

Sienna and Odette

~ Sienna and Odette ~

Almost two years ago, Sienna met Odette. Not only is Odette an amazing companion, but she also helps Sienna navigate the sounds of the world around her.  

In late 2019, Odette, a blue and silver phantom standard poodle, was born.  Around this time, Sienna had been searching for a service dog. Sienna has struggled with hearing loss and, as a result, finds navigating the world around her to be daunting.  

During her search for a service dog to help Sienna with the sounds of the world, a trainer found Odette. Following an aptitude test, Odette was found to be a very driven and determined dog. It was then that Odette started her training to become Sienna’s hearing dog.  

A hearing dog can help alert their handler to a sound, such as a phone ringing or an alarm. They also act as a companion, and each dog is specifically task trained to help with the needs of their human.

Both with Sienna and at a training facility, Odette has spent more than a year training. It has been life-changing for Sienna. She is able to be more confident when out in the community and feel safer. Odette lets Sienna know if the fire alarm is going off when she is asleep, can retrieve the phone if it’s ringing, and more. The most amazing impact has simply been allowing Sienna her newfound independence.

When Odette is off-duty, she loves playing fetch. She has many different toys that she very much enjoys chasing after! They both love spending this time together. It’s their time, to simply be and enjoy each other’s company.  

The bond between Sienna and Odette is truly amazing. The love they share for one another is beautiful. Odette has given Sienna independence and confidence and has obviously had such a huge positive impact. The care they share is immeasurable and they truly make such a great team.