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Renee and Locky — October 15, 2021

Renee and Locky

~ Renee and Locky ~

Several years ago, Renee welcomed little kitten, Locky, into her life. Ever since then, they have formed a very special bond. 

One day, Renee saw a photo of a kitten on the Franklin Cat Rescue Facebook page. She immediately fell in love with his face and asked to meet him. Soon, she and her husband, Joe, were on their way to meet the kitten. 

Upon arrival, they were taken into a room full of cats and kittens. Not long after, a cat ran into Renee’s leg. When she looked down, she realised it was the same cat she saw on the Facebook page. She picked him up and he snuggled right into her arms. There was no doubt in her mind this was definitely her cat. 

Renee has a heart condition that can cause some challenges in her daily life. As well as this, in 2021, she sustained a concussion and has been slowly recovering. Throughout the tough times, Locky has always been right there for her. No matter what, he never fails to brighten her day. 

During Renee’s recovery from her concussion, Locky was never far away. He comforted her and provided her with a constant source of entertainment! Having Locky brings so much happiness into Renee and Joe’s lives. 

Not only does he always bring a smile to Renee’s face, but Locky is always there for a hug. Whenever she holds him, he will happily curl up into her arms. He is a very loving cat and often reminds Renee of her late mother. 

When Renee and Joe go for walks, Locky sometimes enjoys going along with them. He will happily trot alongside them, as well as exploring what others are up to in his neighbourhood. Locky and Renee also share a love of food, which they love to bond over!

Locky has had such a huge impact on Renee and he brings her endless joy. He has made Renee and Joe feel more like a family and is like a son to them both. The love that both Locky and Renee share is truly special.

Rachael and Maisy — October 13, 2021

Rachael and Maisy

~ Rachael and Maisy ~

Several years ago, Rachael welcomed Maisy into her life. Following a life-changing event, Maisy lost a leg. However, they have formed a very strong bond and have helped each other immensely. 

For as long as she can remember, Rachael has always loved animals. When she was 15 years old, she was finally able to get a dog of her own. She did many odd jobs and errands in order to earn enough money, and after a few years, she was able to adopt Jack Russell pup, Maisy. 

When she first met Maisy, Rachael immediately fell in love. Despite being small, Maisy had a big personality and made Rachael smile. There was no doubt that she was the perfect dog. 

In 2013, however, Maisy was hit by a car. It was a very challenging time for Rachael and her family. Fortunately, she received great care and made a speedy recovery. This did mean that she had to have her front leg amputated. 

Having only three legs was a big adjustment, but ever since, Maisy hasn’t let this stop her from living her best life. She is a very energetic and loving dog. She and Rachael love spending time together, whether doing chores on the farm, horse riding, going for walks and much more. 

In 2020, Rachael and Maisy participated in the NZ Dog Almighty competition. As part of this, different dogs were tested in agility, obedience and any other talents they may have. It was a great experience for them and it showed New Zealand that while Maisy may only have three legs, she doesn’t let it stop her. She competed amazingly well and won the hearts of many. 

Having Maisy has been life-changing for Rachael. No matter what, Maisy can always bring a smile to her face. Rachael has struggled with mental health issues and through thick and thin, Maisy has always been by her side. On days when Rachael’s mental health is good, Maisy happily jumps and runs around with her. On more difficult days, Maisy snuggles in tight with her. If Rachael is ever upset, or even has a cold, Maisy stops what she’s doing and goes to be with her. 

Both Rachael and Maisy have had such a significant impact on each other. Through both good and bad times, they know they have one another. The unconditional love they share is truly special.

Angela and Freddie — October 11, 2021

Angela and Freddie

~ Angela and Freddie ~

Years ago, Chihuahua pup, Freddie, was found abandoned and in need of urgent care. Today, Freddie, with the help of her human Angela, is thriving. 

In December of 2018, Freddie was found abandoned in a duffel bag. She had evidently suffered a lot in her short life. As a puppy, she had been dropped and had broken both her front legs. Unfortunately, she didn’t receive the necessary help she needed, and her legs healed improperly. Freddie also has dental issues, with having only two canine teeth left, causing an overbite. As well as this, she was born without an epiglottis, some cartilage at the back of the throat, meaning she is at risk of aspirating and must be handfed all her meals.

After being treated, she was put up for adoption at the Hesperia Shelter in California. The shelter contacted Angela, who has always had a passion for animals, and asked her to come in to meet Freddie. Once she laid eyes on the pup, she started crying. It was hard to see such a young animal be in such bad shape. 

Soon after meeting, Angela decided to adopt Freddie and to give her a forever home. Having Freddie in her life has brought Angela endless happiness. While Freddie has had a difficult life, she is always ready to play and loves to cuddle. 

Angela has shared Freddie’s story and through this has helped others. Freddie has shown that animals with health conditions can thrive when cared for. Not only this, but she has inspired many pet owners around the world simply by being her adorable self. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Freddie did many meet-and-greets with friends all around America. Through this, both Angela and Freddie have met some great people. 

Having Freddie has had a huge impact on Angela. She has shown that, no matter, there is joy and beauty in everything. Freddie may have many health conditions, but she is always happy and doesn’t let her challenges stop her from living her best life. 

Freddie shows everyone that, even though she may look a bit different, being unique is special and that it’s important to embrace all that is you. That everyone is deserving of love and kindness. 

The bond that Angela and Freddie share is a very special one. Angela has supported and loved her companion through all the difficulties, and Freddie has provided her with so much happiness and unconditional love.

Nala — October 8, 2021


~ Nala ~

Nine years ago, Nala found her forever family. In the time they’ve been together since, their bond has only strengthened and she has changed their lives for the better. 

In 2012, Nala’s family met her at a local rescue in South Africa at only 11 weeks old. She was a big Great Dane x Mastiff puppy with bigger paws and a sad, serious look in her eyes. They fell instantly in love but were unable to adopt her then due living in a non-pet friendly place. 

They couldn’t stop thinking about her. A week later they went back and were surprised to see her still there. They were told that she would be soon put down. Without any hesitation, they decided to adopt her, name her Nala and would find a place that she could happily live in. 

Two years later, Nala and her family moved to New Zealand. It was a big adjustment for all of them, especially for Nala arriving in an unknown place. However, not long after arriving, they grew to love it and enjoy it. 

One of the hardest things for Nala’s human when moving to New Zealand was being so far away from her family. Most days she found herself feeling immensely homesick and upset. Having Nala through this time helped her so much. Their afternoon walks gave her the time to focus on the present, as well as being able to spend some time with her fur baby! 

The name ‘Nala’ translates from Swahili to English as ‘gift’. This definitely describes the impact she has had on her family. 

No matter what, Nala is always there for her human. If she is sad, Nala is there to offer snuggles and lick her tears away. She is so full of love and enjoys the company of her humans, and brother, Bam Bam the lorikeet. 

Nala has a very big heart. She loves company and comforting those who might be in need of some extra love. One time, she and her human met someone at a park who was undergoing cancer treatment. Nala stuck next to her to offer her some support. 

Not only has Nala helped her humans, but is also very caring towards other animals. Her humans have helped hedgehogs, birds and other animals over the years. Through this, Nala has been right there to comfort and support them in their recovery. 

In 2021, Nala, Bam Bam and their family went for a road trip. This was a challenge for Nala due to the loud noises fo the van and the motion being similar to the plane she arrived in NZ on. The next morning, however, Nala’s humans found her happily curled up with Bam Bam happily snuggled into her. 

Nala and her human love all the time they get to spend together. Whether going on walks or hikes, cuddles on the couch or in bed, meeting new people and more, this is always precious time for the both of them. 

Even though there may be challenges, Nala can always light up a room and bring a smile to her humans’ face. She spreads so much positivity and joy wherever she goes. 

The bond that Nala and her family share is so special. She has changed their lives for the better by bringing more love and happiness into their lives. The love they all share for each other is evident in how happy they are when in the company of one another. 

Lisa and Lekker — October 6, 2021

Lisa and Lekker

~ Lisa and Lekker ~

One day four years ago, Lisa went to spend some time at her local SPCA to play with some kittens. Little did she know, she was going to be leaving with her own fur baby, Lekker

Lisa has always been an animal lover. In 2017, she visited the Wellington SPCA to spend some time with the kittens who were there at the time. While there, she met a black cat who was on her own in a cage. She had been up for adoption for seven months.

As soon as they saw each other, the cat started trying to get Lisa’s attention. The SPCA staff opened her cage and she head-butted Lisa and immediately started purring. There was no doubt in Lisa’s mind that this black cat, Lekker, had found her forever home. 

Sadly, Lekker had often been passed by when people came looking to adopt. Due to the superstitious beliefs held around black cats, she wasn’t able to find her home any earlier. Luckily, Lisa saw her beauty and knew Lekker was the perfect cat for her. 

With Lekker at her side, Lisa has found so much happiness. Lekker is her constant companion and is always there for cuddles. When she is having a tough day, she knows that her feline friend is right there and can always brighten her day, no matter what. 

During the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand, Lekker helped Lisa to better cope. Through her mischievous behaviour and an endless supply of snuggles, Lekker was an amazing companion to have during that very stressful time!

Lekker loves to cuddle and show affection. When she’s feeling a bit more active, however, she loves chasing after flies and running up and down the hallway while Lisa throws cat treats. She also quite enjoys 3am zoomies, while Lisa isn’t so much of a fan of this. 

Lisa and Lekker truly share such a strong bond and have so much love for each other. It is evident how much of an impact each has had on the other.

Chained Dogs Rehabilitation and Rehoming NZ — September 17, 2021

Chained Dogs Rehabilitation and Rehoming NZ

~ Chained Dogs Rehabilitation and Rehoming NZ ~

Just over three years ago, Chained Dogs Rehabilitation and Rehoming NZ officially opened its doors. The team had been working in rescue for many years but saw there was a great need for a rescue to help dogs in New Zealand who had been chained up, neglected, and/or abused. Many rescues were at capacity and were unable to take these dogs in. It was decided that enough was enough, and so, Chained Dogs Rehabilitation and Rehoming NZ (CDRRNZ) came to be.  

Many of the dogs who find themselves in the care of CDRRNZ often come from difficult backgrounds. There have been many dogs rescued who may have been chained up for most or even all their life. When they arrive at the rescue, they finally have some freedom. Not only this, but CDRRNZ have also helped to rescue from puppy mills and backyard breeders, helping to make New Zealand a better place for our canine friends. 

While the work can be distressing, it’s so important and helps better the lives of many. CDRRNZ are on a mission to empower owners, rehabilitate dogs, and help educate and advocate for animal welfare. Through their work, they have helped to bring happiness to many dogs and have helped people better understand how to properly treat animals.  

The positives the CDRRNZ team receive far outweigh the negative. From having a litter be born at their shelter, seeing dogs find their freedom for the first time, to helping them find their forever home. The dogs have a completely new perspective on life. They are given care, love, and safety, all things they wouldn’t have known until being rescued.  

Being a charity, any amount of help or support can go a long way. Fostering, donating, volunteering, and even adopting can help a lot. The dogs who find themselves in with CDRRNZ have come from difficult backgrounds. It’s so important for them to find a forever home who can provide love and safety. Not only this, but also simply helping to advocate and spread CDRRNZ’s message. 

The team who work at CDRRNZ all love the work they do. They are all passionate and dedicated to helping improve the lives of the dogs they work with. No matter what, they are driven to give these dogs a better life. Whether they need some time and patience as a result of trauma, or some extra love due to neglect, they are right there to ensure that each dog gets what they need.  

Nothing motivates the team at CDRRNZ more than seeing the dogs happy and free. When a dog finds their forever home, the CDRRNZ team are beyond thrilled. Knowing they are going to a loving family after a difficult life makes all the difference.  

The impact that Chained Dogs Rehabilitation and Rehoming NZ have on the dogs they rescue and the greater community is amazing. The dogs they help are forever changed for the better. As well as this, they are helping make New Zealand more aware of animal welfare one step at a time, making it better for everyone. 

Chris, Jazzy, Jojo and Benji — September 10, 2021

Chris, Jazzy, Jojo and Benji

~ Chris, Jazzy, Jojo and Benji ~

A few years ago, Chris welcomed Jazzy into their life. Not long after, Jojo and then Benji were rescued and given a forever home. Now, the four of them are one big family. 

In 2018, a friend of Chris’ dad was looking to rehome his dog, Jazzy as he could no longer look after her. Chris fell in love with Jazzy and she has become a big part of their life. 

Having Jazzy was life-changing for Chris. They were struggling a lot with mental health issues and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Jazzy helped them realise that in order to properly look after her, they had to work on their recovery. She truly became Chris’ beam of hope. 

Then, in 2020, Chris met Jojo. She had shown up at their doorstep, malnourished and in need of some care. They instantly brought her inside and made sure she got the help she deserved. 

It was an adjustment for Jazzy, but soon enough, they became good friends and now enjoy playing and spending time together. 

Around the same time, Chris was going through a tough break-up. It had a big impact on their mental health. Luckily, having Jojo helped them through it. Having both Jazzy and Jojo gave Chris something to focus on and care for. They both helped them so much during that challenging period. 

Two months after welcoming Jojo into their home, Benji arrived. He found his way to Chris’ home and they immediately went to his aid. Benji, while only four-year-old, had obviously had a very difficult life. He had scars all over his body, was malnourished and his teeth were severely worn down. 

It was heartbreaking for Chris to see this, however, they took Benji in. It has been a long journey to recovery, but Benji is slowly moving towards a happy and healthy life. 

Jazzy, Jojo and Benji have all had such a big impact on Chris. They now all love one another and have brought so much love and light into each other’s lives. 

Sarah and Sherlock — August 30, 2021

Sarah and Sherlock

~ Sarah and Sherlock ~

A year ago, Sarah welcomed Sherlock into her life. Ever since, they have both brought so much happiness into each other’s lives. 

At the end of 2020, Sarah had heard of a cat who had been abandoned at her local shelter. Most of his past is a mystery, other than he was around four years old when he arrived at the shelter. 

She and her husband weren’t looking to get a cat at this point and time, however, Sherlock had other plans. Sarah saw a photo of a small, timid grey cat. She called the shelter and the very next day, Sherlock had found his home. 

It was an adjustment for everyone having a new cat. Sherlock took a while to warm up to his new family. After a few days, he began to trust his new humans. Now, he and Sarah are inseparable.

Having Sherlock has brought so much happiness to Sarah’s life. His inquisitive and kind nature never fails to bring a smile to her face. No matter what is happening, Sherlock is always at Sarah’s side. 

Not only has Sherlock provided more happiness, but he has helped Sarah’s mental health immensely. When she’s struggling, Sherlock brings her so much joy and comfort. It has been life-changing for her. 

Shortly after adopting Sherlock, Sarah discovered his natural talent for being a model. He enjoys posing for the camera and Sarah enjoys creating a story to accompany the photos. 

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Sarah decided to start an instagram page for Sherlock. He quickly became very popular. Solving cases such as the case of the empty treat jar, where his human went to, and many more. He ensures justice (and treats) is served whenever he can. 

Sherlock has definitely had a positive impact on Sarah and her husband. Not only does he bring happiness to every day, but he has also inspired Sarah to pursue her passion for writing. Through his adventures, Sarah is able to be creative once again. 

The bond that Sarah and Sherlock share is so strong. It is obvious how much they love and care for each other. They have both helped one another to grow and find joy in the simple things.

Abi, Toulouse, Cookie and Daiquiri — August 27, 2021

Abi, Toulouse, Cookie and Daiquiri

~ Abi, Toulouse, Cookie and Daiquiri ~

A few years ago, Abi met Cookie, then Toulouse and lastly, Daiquiri. Since then, they have all formed a very strong bond and have become a close family. 

Abi has always loved animals. In 2019, she decided it was the right time to welcome a furry friend into her life. Abi had found a beautiful dog named Cookie being advertised on social media. 

They soon organised a visit and, although she was nervous, Cookie excitedly greeted her soon-to-be-family with licks and tail wags. There was no doubt in Abi’s mind that Cookie was a perfect fit. 

Not too long after adopting Cookie, Abi wanted to welcome a feline family member. She discovered Feral Nation, a cat rescue in Wellington, New Zealand. One of their values is allowing a cat to choose you. This was something that resonated with Abi and so she went to the rescue.

Once she arrived at Feral Nation, she was shown to a room full of kittens. A small ginger kitten, named Toulouse, walked right up to Abi and sat with her. While Abi met some more kittens and the ginger one went to play, he decided to soon return and curled up on her lap. From that moment, she knew Toulouse was the perfect kitten. 

Since day one, Toulouse has brought so much happiness to his new family. He never fails to make someone laugh or smile with his antics. He can brighten anyone’s day, whether through his playful personality or offering a cuddle. 

Each morning, Toulouse enjoys morning cuddles with Abi. While sometimes this isn’t always comfortable for her, such as him taking over her pillow, it’s time they love spending together. 

Although he can be a little mischievous, Toulouse loves cuddles. Whenever someone visits, he is always there to welcome them. 

Not too long after meeting Toulouse, Abi met Daiquiri. She and her partner were volunteering at their local SPCA. When Abi first met her, she looked like a smaller version of Cookie. She and her partner discussed it, and by the end of their shift, went home with a third furry family member – Daiquiri. 

During the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand, having Toulouse, Cookie and Daiquiri helped Abi immensely. Having others to care for allowed Abi to focus her attention on something other than that difficult time. Toulouse was always there to offer a cuddle and Cookie and Daiquiri were always there to brighten their days. 

Not only have Toulouse, Cookie and Daiquiri helped improve Abi’s life, but Cookie and Daiquiri inspired Abi to pursue her passion for dog training. She has loved learning about dogs and how best to train and work with them. With Cookie and Daiquiri, she has also learnt patience, what works well and what doesn’t, and so much more. 

Through their training, Abi, Cookie and Daiquiri have been enjoying agility and nose-work. It has been a great way for them to bond and work on their relationship. All three of them enjoy this time together and working on new commands and tricks. 

The love between the four is immeasurable. They have such a strong bond and helped each other grow to become their best selves. Abi’s life has been changed for the better thanks to Toulouse, Cookie and Daiquiri. 

Becca and Taco — August 20, 2021

Becca and Taco

~ Becca and Taco ~

At the start of 2021, Taco found his forever home when Becca adopted him. In the short amount of time together, they have formed such a strong and special bond. 

Only a few months old, a small, stray tabby cat, Taco, found his way into the Outrider Dogs Rehab and Rescue, based in Connecticut. He had been living with a foster family, but was always looking for his forever family. That was until January 23rd of this year. 

Becca has always loved cats. She had been looking for one for years. She decided to visit the Outrider Dogs Rehab and Rescue one day. It was then she met Taco. The kitten who had been looking for a place to call his own finally found it. That same day, he went home to Boston with Becca.

Due to the 2019 covid-19 lockdown, Becca struggled with anxiety immensely. The uncertainty and stress from isolation was having a big impact on her. However, some of her anxiety was lessened thanks to Taco. 

While covid has put a stop to many things both this year and last, Taco has helped Becca cope. No matter how stressful times might, Taco never fails to bring a smile to Becca’s face. Every day is made that much brighter because of him. 

Taco has brought a lot of happiness and laughter into Becca’s life. He is a very playful cat but also enjoys snuggling up with his human. Whether he is running after a feather toy or curled up on Becca’s lap, he can always bring a smile to her face. Not only this, but Taco loves to follow Becca wherever she goes and loves to be picked up for a cuddle!

Both Becca and Taco have formed a very special bond. It is obvious how much Taco has improved Becca’s life, and how much she has changed his through providing him with a loving forever home.