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Sanne, Victor and Ronja — January 18, 2023

Sanne, Victor and Ronja

~ Sanne, Victor and Ronja ~

Some years ago, Sanne adopted Victor, a sweet cat who happened to be deaf. Then, six months later, she adopted Ronja who also happened to be deaf. Since then, they have become a family. 

While looking online for a furry friend, Sanne came across a post from someone who had been fostering a lovely six-month-old all-white cat named Victor. She was told he was deaf and would require an adaptive home that could ensure his safety. At the time, she had only seen photos but she knew in her heart that this was the cat for her. She decided to arrange a visit and once they met, there was no doubt in Sanne’s mind that this cat had found his forever home. 

Six months after adopting Victor, Sanne wanted to adopt a second cat so that he wouldn’t get lonely when she was away. After some time looking on adoption websites, she came across a deaf tabby kitten looking for her forever home. Once Sanne arrived at the shelter, she immediately noticed how calm and relaxed the kitten was in the busy environment. She felt that this meant the kitten would be fine around Victor and, two weeks later, she brought the kitten, now named Ronja, home. 

It took some time for Victor to adjust to having a new furry friend in his home, but eventually, he and Ronja put aside their differences and have since become like siblings. They have made Sanne’s house a home simply by being themselves and providing their human with unconditional love. 

When Sanne adopted Victor and Ronja, her husband was often away on work trips. Having her feline friends meant that Sanne always had someone to come home to after work. Now, she has MS which has meant she has had to work fewer hours. However, Victor and Ronja have been great companions. Whenever she is having a bad health day, they’re right there to comfort their human. As well as this, they give Sanne a purpose each morning, usually in the form of waiting for their breakfast and helping Sanne to keep active. 

Having Victor and Ronja has been life-changing for Sanne. She has learnt more about cats than ever and how to best support those with impairments. This has inspired her to become a volunteer at a local shelter, as well as put food outside her house for stray cats and kittens and trap and help homeless cats. At present, she has already helped over 40! She owes all this to Victor and Ronja and the impact they have had on her. 

Since adopting Victor and Ronja, Sanne has received many messages and comments asking for her advice about deaf cats. People might have adopted one and want to help make their home as accessible as possible, or may have not realised it at the time and need a bit of support. Wanting to help as many people as possible, Sanne started a website, DeafDarlings.DK, to share her experiences and as much information as possible. Not only this but there were no other websites like this in her native language of Danish, so she felt proud to be able to provide this platform. 

Something that Sanne, Victor and Ronja enjoy is being able to spend time together. Ronja has been harness-trained and likes to go for walks with her human. This allows them both to go outside and have some fresh air and just be present in the moment. Victor, on the other hand, is not a fan of the harness but loves to play chase with Sanne, who often wonders which of them has the most fun! Of course, at the end of the day, they all snuggle up together.

The impact that Victor and Ronja have had on Sanne has been incredible. Every day is made better simply because they’re together. They share so much love and happiness with one another and have changed each other’s lives hugely.