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Rose, Hades, Sophie, Freya and Violet — January 11, 2023

Rose, Hades, Sophie, Freya and Violet

~ Rose, Hades, Sophie, Freya and Violet ~

Just over a year ago, Rose welcomed Hades into her life. He was shortly followed by Sophie. Some months later, she adopted Freya and then, lastly, Violet joined their family. Since then, they have all formed a very special bond and have changed each other’s lives hugely. 

For as long as she can remember, Rose has always been passionate about animals. Her mum runs Hooved Haven, a rescue dedicated to helping sheep and goats. Through Hooved Haven, Rose met Hades, an orphaned Suffolk cross lamb. At the time, Rose was struggling with her mental health, however, when she met Hades, she fell instantly in love. He gave her a purpose and really helped her to find hope during her tough days. Whenever she cried, he would walk up to her and put his head in her lap. Suffice it to say, Hades had found his forever home. 

Three weeks later, Rose met Sophie, an East Friesian lamb. A friend of Rose’s told her about the lamb and how she had been orphaned but didn’t have the resources to care for her. So, Rose decided to take Sophie in. It turned out to be a perfect fit as Hades enjoyed having another sheep friend and Sophie enjoyed snuggling up with her new human. 

Coincidentally, Rose adopted Hades and Sophie just before a 4-month Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand. It was a stressful time, however, having her two sheep friends helped her hugely. Every night and every morning, Hades and Sophie would sleep on Rose’s bed, give each day a purpose and encourage Rose to go outside. As well as this, when Rose was taking her defensive driving course, Hades would sit on her lap for the whole two-hour sessions for two weeks which was a big comfort to her. 

Sometime later, Rose’s mum felt that, as lambs were too big to hold and cuddle, adopting a cat might be a good idea for Rose as an emotional support animal. After some looking, they came across Freya, a Ragdoll x Persian kitten. However, since adopting her, and being raised by Hades and Sophie, Freya has become more of a sheep than a cat! She loves following her sheep siblings around the yard and even sleeps in their houses. 

In early 2022, Rose took Hades, Sophie and Freya to the annual Pets in Tartan parade. Everyone loved meeting them and interacting with two sheep, for some, for the first time. Before attending, Rose harness-trained Freya so she could join in on the fun, too. Because of this, she has become the stall mascot whenever they’re at a market. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, in August of 2022, Rose adopted Violet, a Valais Blacknose sheep. At the time, Rose didn’t feel ready to take on another lamb. However, she and her mum were contacted about a two-day-old lamb who was born as a twin and their mother was unable to feed them both. The owner said that, if no one took this lamb in, she would have to be put down. In that moment, Rose decided to adopt the lamb and name her Violet. 

Due to being the youngest and smallest sheep, Violet receives a lot of attention! While Rose has tried, she has not been able to integrate Violet into the herd, so they often go places together. From markets to cafes – including their favourite, Fat Kitty Cafe – they love being able to explore new places together, and everyone they meet immediately falls in love with Violet. Every time they go out, Rose is often told that seeing Violet has brought a smile to their face. Knowing this, and knowing that all the photos she shares brings so much joy, means the world to her. 

Having Hades, Sophie and Violet has helped Rose spread awareness about sheep. She loves being able to educate people about them and what having one is like. To Rose, they, and Freya, are her babies. Being able to give them the opportunity to live their best life is all that matters to her. 

The impact that Hades, Sophie, Freya and Violet have had on Rose has been incredible. They bring so much love into Rose’s life and their community. Each day is made better simply because they have each other.

Annely and Steve — January 31, 2022

Annely and Steve

~ Annely and Steve ~

Six years ago, Annely welcomed lamb, Steve, into her home. Since then, Steve has become a much-loved family member and has developed a special bond with Annely and her family. 

In 2015, Annely met Steve. He was just a few weeks old at the time and she had to bottle feed him. He was a very friendly little lamb and enjoyed socialising. Unfortunately, after a while, it appeared that his mother rejected him. Not long after, Annely and her family decided to keep Steve and welcome him into their home. 

It didn’t take too long for Steve to settle into his new home. He would often sit with Annely and her family on the couch, snuggling into them. He has brought so much joy into their lives and they have definitely fallen in love with him and his sweet personality. 

Having Steve has taught Annely, her family and their community so much. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal they are, all have feelings and love to be loved. He enjoys being part of their lives and bringing them happiness. He is also quite stylish in that he often changes his hair colour, further spreading joy to those he meets. 

Something that Annely and Steve love doing together is going for walks each day. He knows when it’s time for them to go out and will eagerly wait by the fence. Once he’s leashed up, they go for a walk. It’s time they get to spend together and enjoy each other’s company. 

As well as all this, Steve acts as a role model in his community. He shows many humans what sheep are actually like and how loving and intelligent they are. No matter what, he just seems to spread joy with everyone that he meets.

The impact that Steve has had on Annely and her family has been huge. He has changed their lives for the better by bringing more happiness and love into their home.