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Danni and Kira — December 29, 2021

Danni and Kira

~ Danni and Kira ~

In 2021, Danni met Shepsky pup, Kira. In the short amount of time they have been together, they have changed each other’s lives for the better. 

At the beginning of 2021, Danni sadly lost her 16-year-old dog. She was her best friend and Danni was devastated. After a while, her partner suggested they adopt another dog of their own and keep their other dog company. She started looking for potential puppies, but couldn’t find one that was right for them. 

After a long search, Danni found some Shepsky puppies. Initially, Danni was hesitant on adopting a husky or husky cross, but when she saw the photos of the litter, she fell in love. One puppy in particular stood out. She had her front paws crossed and looked very proud of herself. For the next two weeks, Danni could not stop thinking about her, and so decided to organise a meeting. 

As soon as Danni met the puppy, she knew she was the one. Seeing the pup, Kira, just brightened Danni’s day. She was running around with her siblings and exploring her world. Danni and her partner adopted her a week later and soon realised she had a lot more energy than they initially thought! 

The first few weeks were difficult. Kira was definitely a very mischievous puppy and kept Danni on her toes. However, after a few more weeks and a lot of training, Kira became fully crate trained. Kira has flourished into a well-behaved and loving dog. 

In the short amount of time that Danni and Kira have been together, they have formed such a strong bond. Kira is very affectionate and loves to be in the company of her human – she’s certainly already left some pawprints on Danni’s heart! 

Something that both Danni and Kira enjoy doing together is simply going out. From the beach to a walk around the block, they love this time together. One time at the beach, Danni felt so proud. Kira went off-leash and she showed her that all the training and work they put into building their bond had paid off. 

It is obvious the impact that Kira has had on Danni, and how much love they share for one another. They have helped each other to flourish and have created a very special bond. 

Lupin — December 22, 2021


~ Lupin ~

Just over a year ago, after a difficult start to life,  Lupin was welcomed into her forever home. She has come a long way and is now thriving. 

In 2020, Lupin’s humans had been looking for the perfect fur baby. It took some time, but soon she found an adoption ad for a Shepsky puppy. She instantly fell in love and contacted the seller. 

Unfortunately, it appeared the seller wasn’t quite who they appeared to be and had to be followed up with a lot. Lupin seemed to be scared in many of the photos sent. Despite this, Lupin’s human had made up her mind and had no doubt that Lupin was the puppy for her. 

It took a bit of time after the adoption to figure out the right name. They tried different names, but none felt right. It wasn’t until a friend of Lupin’s human suggested the name ‘Lupin’ – from the Latin word lupus, meaning wolf. Lupin’s human and her partner got engaged in Iceland and the name Lupin was everywhere; it just seemed meant to be! 

It was quite an adjustment for Lupin. When she was adopted, she was very timid and shy. It was difficult for her human to see her like this. It wasn’t until she had found her forever home that she had even seen a toy. The first time she played with one, she was unsure, but now loves chasing after and chewing on any toy she can find! Thanks to the care of her human, Lupin has definitely come out of her shell. 

Having Lupin has brought so much happiness into her humans’ lives. Since adopting her, she has brought joy into their home, encourages them to go outside for a walk and some fresh air, and give them an additional purpose each day. Every day they ensure that Lupin is able to live her best life after having a tough start. 

Lupin is still quite young and continues to thrive with her family. She has taught her humans patience and has grown into a beautiful, gentle, smart and occasionally cheeky doggo. No matter what, she just seems to know how to bring a smile to her human’s face. They can’t imagine life without her. 

Not only has Lupin had an impact on her family, but also on those in her community. She has become a well known Houdini and can often find her way into all kinds of mischief while her humans are at work. She has a lot of love to give, however, and loves to make people laugh. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her bubbly personality. 

One of Lupin’s favourite places is outside in the garden. This is somewhere she and her human love to spend time together, especially when the sunsets. When she returns home from work, Lupin always excitedly greets her by putting her head between her knees. She also loves belly rubs and snuggles with her humans, and the occasional treat! 

The impact that Lupin has had on her family has been huge. She has brought so much happiness and love into their lives and continues to brighten their days with her positivity. 

Liz and Huripari — August 4, 2021

Liz and Huripari

~ Liz and Huripari ~

Last year during the New Zealand nationwide Covid-19 lockdown, Liz met her fur baby, Huripari. In the small amount of time since then, they have formed such a strong and special bond. 

While in lockdown, Liz wanted to welcome a new furry friend into her home. After seeing some videos and hearing of a German Shepherd x Husky pup, there was no doubt in her mind that this was the dog for her. 

When Liz went to pick up the ten-week-old puppy, she was surprised at how big he was for his age! Just over two months old, he was already 8kg. It was love at first sight, however, and Liz was not about to leave without him. She named him Huripari, Te Reo for ‘hurricane’.

In the short amount of time that Huripari has been part of Liz’s life, he’s had a huge impact. He has offered Liz happiness, unconditional love, and is an amazing companion. Not only this but he challenges Liz and helps her to grow. 

Liz has struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), having Huripari helps her to cope better. From being encouraged to go outside more, caring for someone else, to training. All this helps to lessen her anxiety and motivates her to work towards recovery. 

No matter what might happen, Huripari can brighten any day. If Liz is struggling, she knows that he will be right there to support and comfort her. He can bring a smile to her face even when times are tough. He keeps her grounded and in the present. 

As well as all this, he has allowed Liz to meet many new people and dogs in NZ and on Instagram. Huripari is fairly well known within their community, so when out and about, people are always happy to stop and talk. 

One of Liz and Huripari’s favourite things to do together is going on adventures. They both enjoy going for walks and love being around water, whether that be lakes, streams or the ocean. This time they spend together is special for the both of them and gives them time to simply be in each other’s company. 

Both Liz and Huripari share a very special bond. The love and care they have for each other is evident in simply how they look at each other. Their relationship will only continue to flourish.