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Kepal and Arnold — November 29, 2021

Kepal and Arnold

~ Kepal and Arnold ~

Two years ago, Kepal adopted his feline friend, Arnold. Since adopting him, Arnold has flourished and has even become a highly respected member of the NZ Police! 

In 2019, a small tabby kitten was found hiding under a house in Auckland, New Zealand. He was only 6-weeks-old at the time and desperately needed some care. Kepal was told of him and, after a while, it was decided that this kitten, now named Arnold, had found his home. Kepal had initially wanted a dog, however, it didn’t take long before he and Arnold became best friends. 

Having Arnold has helped Kepal immensely. He has been taught patience and how to be more caring. Something that he and Arnold have loved doing together has been learning and performing tricks. Through patience, good communication and repetition Arnold has learnt many tricks and commands. 

With the many tricks up his sleeve, Arnold became known as part of the New Zealand Police Secret Cat Division! He knows the same tasks as the NZ Police dogs. In August of 2021, a video was published on the NZ Police social media pages of some of the amazing things Arnold can do. 

Sharing the video made Kepal immensely proud. Seeing how much happiness Arnold brought has been greatly rewarding. He hasn’t just had an impact on Kepal, but also on their community and many people throughout NZ and worldwide. Even when they just go out for walks, the faces of the people they pass just light up when they see Arnold.

While Arnold may not be an active member of the NZ Police, he and Kepal practise all the tricks every day. Arnold won’t let Kepal leave for work without doing a run-through of all his commands! Whenever they perform the tricks, Arnold happily purrs the whole time. This is their time, and they both get so much joy out of it, simply spending that time together. 

Kepal and Arnold share such a strong bond. Arnold loves being with his human, and even once followed him to the pub! He just brings happiness into so many people’s lives, but has changed Kepal’s life immensely. 

Helen and Fur — November 19, 2021

Helen and Fur

~ Helen and Fur ~

14 years ago, Helen adopted Fur. Since then, they, as well as Helen’s husband, Alessandro, have become a family and have all bettered each other’s lives. 

In 2007, Helen was looking for her own furbaby. She had heard of a litter of moggy kittens and was on her way to adopt one. Once she arrived, a small grey tabby kitten poked his fluffy head out from the door. From that moment, it was definitely love at first sight for Helen. There was no doubt the kitten, Fur, had found his forever home. 

During the 14 years Helen and Fur have had each other, they have had gone through a lot together – both good times and bad times. They have become the best of friends and helped one another through many challenges. Fur loves to follow Helen around the house and happily comes running whenever she calls him! 

Four years ago, Helen, Alessandro and Fur travelled to Qatar. However, this didn’t go as smoothly as Helen had hoped! To help Fur keep calm during the flight, Helen gave him some loose catnip. Unfortunately, they were stopped before boarding as the drug scanner read it as cannabis! After a while, they were able to confirm it was catnip and Helen, Alessandro and Fur were able to just make it to their plane!

Both Helen and Fur love to play chase every day! He could happily play it all day. Each evening, however, they love to relax and snuggle together, and Fur loves a nice tummy rub. They just love being in each other’s company.

Not only has Fur had an impact on Helen and Alessandro, but also their community. In their neighbourhood in the UK, Fur is very popular. He happily follows Helen whenever she goes to check the mailbox, but often tries to make a few stops along the way – especially if he can smell food. One time, he even managed to sneak a roast chicken! 

The impact that Fur has had on Helen has been huge. He has brought endless happiness, laughter and love into her life, as well as Alessandro’s. The bond they all share is truly special. 

Elizabeth and Theo — August 25, 2021

Elizabeth and Theo

~ Elizabeth and Theo ~

Last year, Theo found his forever home with Elizabeth. Ever since then, the two have formed a very special bond and brought so much love and happiness into each other’s life. 

In 2020, Elizabeth wanted to welcome a furry friend into her life. It wasn’t long until she met a small, fluffy and cheeky 8-week-old tabby kitten. It was love at first sight. Within that time, he’d found his home with Elizabeth and had a new name – Theodore, or Theo. 

Having Theo has helped Elizabeth immensely. Throughout the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in Australia, Theo was right there to help Elizabeth through the challenges it presented. He comforted her and helped make it a bit easier. 

Whenever Elizabeth is having a tough time, Theo is always right there. He’s a very loving cat and loves to snuggle with his human. Whenever she returns home from work, he is beyond thrilled to welcome her back with a cuddle. 

No matter what may be happening in Elizabeth’s life, she knows she has Theo. He can bring a smile to her face even when she’s struggling. He enjoys spending time with friends and is always excited to meet new people. 

After a long and busy day, Elizabeth and Theo enjoy spending quality time together. When Elizabeth goes to sit or lay down on the couch, Theo will curl up with her and have a nap. This time is their favourite. It’s time for just them to enjoy the company of one another. 

Elizabeth and Theo have such a sweet bond. It is evident how much love they share. They enjoy spending time together and never fail to brighten each other’s day.